General Grievance

You know what I was just thinking the other day? I wonder what's up with that Majewskigate thing.

Funny I should ask myself that. John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer, who seems to have established himself as Wayne Krivsky's trial balloon of terror during this whole ordeal, reports today that Krivsky is prepared to take action:

General manager Wayne Krivsky's standard answer about the Gary Majewski controversy lately has been: "We're having internal discussions."

But the Reds are doing more than simply talking. A team insider said lawyers are preparing a case to take the issue to grievance if necessary.

Oh, not lawyers. Lawyers are terrible. Everyone who's a lawyer should be tortured or, failing that, mocked brutally.

At any rate, I am rather interested in seeing how this turns out. Did Jim Bowden disclose Majewski's cortisone shot? If not, should Krivsky have known that Majewski has been ailing, you know, most of the season? Did Krivsky disclose that Felipe Lopez's fielding concentration is badly sprained? Should he have?

According to Fay, the Reds would prefer to settle the matter with Bowden rather quietly and don't want to hand back Majewski, which makes me wonder why the Reds want to file a grievance in the first place. For his part, Bodes appears to be playing the part of the stubborn guy we all over on this side of the fence love.

Wait---we love him? Okay, we don't.

Anyway, here's what Fay reports on the he said/he said aspect:

Bowden has steadfastly said the Nats did nothing wrong.

When the controversy arose, Bowden gave this statement to The Enquirer:

"When Wayne (Krivsky) and I were closing in on last month's trade, we deferred ([editor's note, by Basil] referred?) the medical histories of the eight players involved to our medical staffs, as each player was on the active roster of their respective clubs at that time. Our head athletic trainer answered all of the Reds' questions honestly and thoroughly with respect to all of our players involved in the transaction."

The Reds believe strongly that the Nationals' medical staff did not reveal enough about Majewski's condition.

Could go either way, right? Well, that's why citizen journalists like me roam the earth. I've been on the phones all day, Parker pen affixed behind my left ear, following the leads. Sure enough, I struck dirt---or gold, or whatever. One of my sources passed this little beauty along:

Seems pretty clear to me. The Nats didn't fill in the shoulder part, and the Reds accepted it without asking. Now let's everybody hug.

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