Pathetic Pitching and a cheap skate for an owner.

Well just watched Hanaran, or whatever his name is, blow yet another save.
This guy couldn’t close last year. Did he marry Lerner’s daughter? I sit and watch
as the Marlins staff, almost to a man, throws 90 plus, and I watch the Nats with virtually nobody who break 90. Oh yes, Hanahran throws 90, as straight as an arrow. Great batting pitcher. Bad pitching takes the wind out of a good hitting team.
So what is the problem folks? Fielding, pitching, the manager, the coaches,hitting?
Fielding is a problem because we can’t seem to field the same team more than 2 games in a row. It’s certainly not Manny Acta, he knows the game,period, and so do the coaches for that manner.

It’s the pitching folks! A coach told once that pitching is probably 60-70% of the game.
You will win once and while with good pitching with scores like 1-0, 2-1, 3-2, etc., but not more than 5. The Nats must go 7 runs every game to win with this pitching staff.

The ultimate problem is the ownership! Let no one kid one’s self. Someone suggested
trading Kearns beacuse he makes $ 9mil. The top pitchers in the league are getting much more than $9 mil. By the way who’s the highest paid person in MLB? A pitcher.
Someone earlier mentioned a list of names of pitchers available before the season started. Yes, some were time worn , former star pitchers, but would still be able to win a few. Some say Manny is using the bull pen too much. Are you kidding? With a starting staff like the Nats, any team would wear out its relief staff, but the problem is not just the lack of starters, but a crew of minor league relievers, and no closer.

Friends, you know as well as I that the deep, systemic problem (like the term they use when discussiing the economy ) is the ownership. As I have said before, the penny pinching Lerner’s are the real, unfortunate root of the problem. Unfortunately, the damage has been done, and no player with any talent will play with this team, now or the future. The new player scouting system also sucks big time. I would bet the Lerner’s are penny pinching there too,

So now we wait for the Messiah to come in the form of Strasburg. Wanna bet he won’t sign with the Nats either. No friends the only saving grace we have is if the Lerner’s decide to sell to someone who is willing to spend and invest in a good team. Someone like Angelo in Baltimore. Did I say that?

Make me a believer,

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