Potomac Nationals Weekly Update. Nationals' Prospect Boomer Whiting Interview.


• (ed. note - "Over the last few weeks, Anthony Masterson (Broadcast/Media Assistant with the Class-A Carolina League's Potomac Nationals), has sent us interviews with some of the P-Nats' players, including (1B) Chris Marrero, and (C) Sean Rooney. This time, Mr. Masterson sat down with Potomac outfielder Boomer Whiting, 26, the Nationals' 28th Round pick, 850th overall in the 2007 Draft. Boomer Whiting leads the P-Nats and is second overall in the Carolina League with 38 steals in 68 games in which Whiting has hit .244 AVG with a .340 OBP, .323 SLG, .663 OPS, 11 2B, 2 HR's, 11 RBI's, and the 38 SB vs 5 CS. With two more steals, according to Mr. Masterson, Whiting will pass Ian Desmond for the franchise lead in stolen bases, which Mr. Desmond set over 276 games in 3 stints in Potomac in 2005, '06 and '07. Whiting's played in 111 games with the P-Nats.")

AUDIO: Potomac Nationals Weekly Update - Boomer Whiting Interview - Anthony Masterson. (Length: 5:20)

• Quote From The Interview:

Q: Anthony Masterson - "What are some of your favorite ways to make the pitcher just focus on you and forget about the batter at home plate?"

A: Boomer Whiting: "Well you know, that's, that is my favorite thing to do, is uh, get into the pitcher's head, you know, it really distracts them and helps out the guy, whoever is hitting behind you. You can do it the most on second base or even on third base cause on third base they think you're a non-factor, but um, with uh, (P-Nats' Manager )Trent's (Jewett's) aggressive style of play we've stolen home a couple time this year and I know that I've been itching to do that..."

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