Washington Nationals: Trade/Rumor Mill And Notes...Adam Dunn, Nick Johnson, Josh Willingham, Stephen Strasburg And Jim Riggleman.


I scanned the internets for Washington Nationals news so you don't have to...After the JUMP you'll find talk about the Tigers' interest in a few Nationals, Stephen Strasburg's "camp's" feelings about the Nationals' "Interim" Manager and "Acting" GM, and one of many stories that are popping up on Padres blogs now that they're imagining DC might actually not sign Strasburg...Ridiculous!! Nonsense!!! Washington's Principal Owner Mark Lerner told MLB.com's Bill Ladson just the other day, in an article entitled, "Q&A with Nationals Owner Mark Lerner", that the Nationals, will, uh, try...to, uh...get it done...DERN IT!!! Here's the exchange:

"MLB.com: What's the latest on Stephen Strasburg? Can the team sign him?

Lerner: As for Stephen Strasburg, I certainly hope we will sign him. He's a great prospect, no doubt about it. I believe he will soon be wearing a Nationals uniform. We have also had great success since Draft Day in signing many of our selections."


• Rangers, Tigers Interested In Pair of Nationals - MLB Daily Dish - Matt Buggenhagen

Rangers, Tigers Interested In Pair of Nationals - "The Tigers, desperate for an additional bat, are showing interest in the Nationals Adam Dunn and Josh Willingham, this according to Bill Ladson at MLB.com."

• The Weekend Trade Rumor Roundup - Billfer- Detroit Tigers Weblog...

...Some Tigers specific news involves includes scouts from the Washington Nationals attending AA Erie games potentially scouting some of those relievers, or Deik Scram, or Casper Wells, or Cale Iorg.

• Washington Post - "Nats' GM Uncertainties a Concern for Strasburg" - Chico Harlan

The Washington Nationals have roughly 24 days remaining to sign Stephen Strasburg, the pitcher they selected first overall in the June draft. As negotiations intensify in the coming weeks, the team's efforts to sign the high-profile pitcher could be undermined...

• Who's your Padre?: Stephen Strasburg as a Padre? ...

Stephen Strasburg as a Padre?...As funny as it sounds, that's something that could happen.

• San Diego Union-Tribune -"Mission accomplished: Latos nails down first win" Bill Center

"Mat Latos came to Nationals Stadium on Friday night not to pitch in his second major league game, but to win his first major league game..."

• "Riggleman has history with young arms" - Washington Times - Mark Zuckerman

Interim manager sees parallels between current job and first managerial stint.

• Presidents go down quickly, Teddy notches loss #250 " Presidents Race: Let Teddy Win!

With Garrett Mock on the mound against the San Diego Padres, the Washington Nationals and Teddy Roosevelt followed similar patterns tonight at Nationals Park, barely getting out of the gate before blowing any chance they had for victory.


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