FRD(Fire Rob Dibble)

Enough with these obsolete 1920 "baseballisms" please?

The situation:

• Men on first and second, one out Dunn at the dish.

• After working the count to 3-2, Dunn takes a pitch that the strikebox(and, let's be honest, the naked eye) Clocks as at least 2 inches off the outside corner. This is somehow called a strike.

• We all know umpires suck, there isn't much to be done about that.

• What did bother me, however,was Rob DIbble's assertion that Dunn should have SWUNG(yes, really) at the pitch because "he shouldn't be trying to take a walk in that situation."

After the blood vessel burst in my brain, I decided I was going to tell you fine folks how I felt about this.

Now, in the interest of fairness:

There have been times that Dunn has taken called 3rd strikes in situations where I felt the pitch was too good to take.... This was not one of those times.

Bottom Line: Adam Dunn is not "looking to take a walk" in that situation. That was not a pitch that was able to be hit, and thus, Dunn took it. His thought process may have been that it's better to have the bases loaded and one out than men on first and second and two out. (what an idiot, right?....right?)

"Adam Dunn gets paid to dive in runs." This, in part, is true. However, if the situation to drive in said runs does not present itself, isn't his job not to make an out? I feel like he gets paid for doing that, that too.

For Rob Dibble (or anyone, for that matter) to say that Adam Dunn(or anyone, for that matter) should swing at a pitch 2 inches outside the strikezone truly is mind boggling. Pitchers WANT hitters to swing at pitches like that, they are not in an area where they can be hit well. Why anyone(besides the opposing team) would want  a hitter to help out a pitcher, rather than force him to throw strikes is far beyond me.

But to be honest, announcers say stupid stuff like this all the time? Why should this get to me?

Because it promotes the disemination of baseball ignorance. People hear Dibble say things like that and they think "well he must know more than I do, he must be right." Therefore, people go on believeing things like "you're supposed to expand the zone with two strikes." It's dumb baseball, and if you practice it, you are very likely to fail. Adam Dunn didn't get to be the hitter that he is by expanding the strike zone because Rob Dibble thinks that's how gamers play. If The pitch is that far off the plate, it should be taken. If the situation proceeded as it should have, then the bases are loaded with one out... how is that not helpful for scoring runs?

This has nothing to do with elitist stat geek SABRmetrics... this is only logical.. and if this is the kind of stuff Dibble perpetuates on the air, he dosen't deserve a paycheck... FRD.

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