Livan Hernandez Can't Do It All. San Diego Padres 3-1 Over Washington Nationals.

Padres Take Game One:

Let's forget for a moment, the fact that one of the San Diego Padres' two runs in the first was the result of the visiting team's bullpen being moved into foul territory down the right field line so that a sand box could be built in what's usually the visitor's bullpen. You know, for the kids! Of course, right away a line drive by David Eckstein gets lost in the seats that have been placed out there for Washington' relievers, and Elijah Dukes' throw in is too late to keep Everth Cabrera from scoring from first after he'd reached on a bunt back to Livan Hernandez that died in front of the mound. 1-0 Padres. At least it wasn't the winning run, right?!! The winning run came one batter later when Kevin Kouzmanoff doubled Eckstein in from second for a 2-0 San Diego advantage early...And let's also forget that after Livan Hernandez had singled and scored from second in his first at bat, DC Manager Jim Riggleman asked him to try a bases loaded, one-out, safety squeeze that quickly turned into the easiest DP either team turned tonight when the Padres' pitcher Tim Stauffer threw home, and the catcher, Nick Hundley's throw beat Livan to first. And let's forget that Chase Headley, who's last HR was back on July 18th, hit a pinch hit HR off Livan Hernandez in the eighth to put the game out of reach...Let's forget this whole game...

Well, there were a few things worth remembering...

Padres win, 3-1 final.

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• Dunningham

• Livan's Only One Man

For The Completists, Full Game Report After The JUMP...

Nationals now 46-86. (Countdown To 100 Losses Stands At...14)


• Dunningham - 

Adam Dunn and Josh Willingham were a combined 0 for 8 tonight, with two K's each, and over the last 4 games, all losses, Dunn (2 for 15, 1 HR) and (1 for 13, 1 2B) have failed to produce in 3 one-run games. San Diego starter Tim Stauffer held the Nationals to just the 1 run on 7 hits in 6.2 IP, and it took 4 Padres' relievers to get through the next two innings, but they held Washington off the board.

• Livan's Only One Man

The man pitched all eight innings, and even scored the Nationals' only run. Livan Hernandez threw just 90 pitches in 8 innings, and allowed 7 hits, 1 walk and 3 ER in the loss. The big right-hander K'd 5, most of them with his circus-curve, but it wasn't enough as the Padres scored two early and held on for the one-run win. 


Washington Nationals At San Diego Padres. Game 132 Of 162. 

San Diego Padres’ starter Tim Stauffer walks Willie Harris to start the first of three in PETCO Park. Pete Orr pops out to short and Stauffer gets Ryan Zimmerman swinging. Adam Dunn takes a 2-2 pitch on the low corner inside for a called strike three to end the Nationals’ first...Everth Cabrera bunts his way on when Livan Hernandez pockets it. David Eckstein slices a low liner into the on-field bullpen the Nationals are forced to use since there’s a sandbox where the pen should be. Cabrera scores. 1-0 Padres. Livan Hernandez gets Adrian Gonzalez swinging through a high fastball. Kevin Kouzmanoff lines to deep center over Willie Harris for an RBI double and a 2-0 lead. Will Venable walks. Livan gets a DP grounder from Oscar Salazar, Alberto Gonzalez to Pete Orr to Adam Dunn, double play.

Josh Willingham grounds out to Everth Cabrera at short. Elijah Dukes grounds hard to the hole at short, Everth Cabrera backhands but can’t throw Dukes out. Will Venable makes a running catch on a line drive from Alberto Gonzalez. Wil Nieves grounds into a force...Padres’ catcher Nick Hundley beats out a grounder to Alberto Gonzalez’s backhand. Tony Gwynn, Jr. gets a 65 mph bender for a swinging strike three. Tim Stauffer gets down a sac bunt to move Hundley up. Everth Cabrera K’s swinging at another slowww bender. 

Livan Hernandez goes back up the middle with a leadoff single in the third. Livan takes the long way to second on a wild pitch that bounces off the catcher. Willie Harris takes a curve for strike three and doesn’t agree. Pete Orr singles just over second into center for an RBI single, Livan scores from second. 2-1 Padres. Ryan Zimmerman pops out to second. Adam Dunn takes strike three, and swears it’s outside. He has a good argument...Pete Orr catches up to a short liner from David Eckstein. Pete Orr takes a one-hopper in the chest from Adrian Gonzalez that he fields and throws to first. Kevin Kouzmanoff rolls the third out to Zimmerman who throws to first.

Josh Willingham K’s swinging over a curve. Elijah Dukes rips a line drive single to center. Alberto Gonzalez takes a fastball in the chest when he squares to bunt. Wil Nieves walks to load the bases with one down. Livan Hernandez bunts, safety squeeze, Stauffer gets to it and tosses to home, Dukes out, Livan doubled up at first, double play the hard way...Will Venable K’s on a low fastball outside. This ump’s nuts. Oscar Salazar grounds out to short on a sloooow curve. Nick Hundley flies out to short. 

David Eckstein reaches up and leaps to pull down a Willie Harris’ liner. Pete Orr lines out to center field and Tony Gwynn, Jr. grabs it. Ryan Zimmerman drills a grounder to center and just beats the throw in to second. Adam Dunn grounds into the shift...Tony Gwynn, Jr. gets jammed and rolls the first out to Adam Dunn. Tim Stauffer grounds out short, and Livan gets Everth Cabrera to K swinging.

Josh Willingham grounds out to third. Elijah Dukes punches a short fly to right. Alberto Gonzalez grounds to first, and Stauffer’s through six....Livan Hernandez gets a ground ball to short from David Eckstein. Adrian Gonzalez dumps a one-out single in front of Dukes in right. Kevin Kouzmanoff grounds to third, Zimmerman to Orr to Dunn, double play.

Tim Stauffer gives up a line drive single to Wil Nieves, who tries to take two and gets thrown out by Will Venable. Livan Hernandez walks with one down. Oscar Salazar tracks a long fly ball to left and runs into the out-of-town scoreboard while he makes the catch. Salazar’s out of the game. Pete Orr belts a single through short. Stauffer’s done. Adam Russell comes on to face Zimmerman. Ground ball to short, 2-1 Padres in the seventh...Will Venable lines the first out right at Josh Willingham. Drew Macias rolls one toward short, Ryan Zimmerman cuts it off, spins and throws to first, Dunn picks it. Nick Hundley flies out to center for Willie Harris. 

Adam Dunn flies out to center to start the eighth. Lefty Joe Thatcher gets Dunn, he’s out. Luke Gregerson gets Josh Willingham to chase a slider. Elijah Dukes gets nothing but benders, and he K’s swinging to end the Nationals’ eighth...Livan Hernandez gets a high pop fly from Gwynn, Jr. Pinch hittter Chase Headley goes deeep to right center and GONE!! Solo HR, 3-1 Padres. Everth Cabrera reaches on a bunt single. Pete Orr fields and tosses a DP grounder to Alberto Gonzalez with his glove hand for the force and The General gets throws to first for the DP. 

Heath Bell vs Josh Bard. Bard lines a single to center. Wil Nieves grounds into a double play. Cristian Guzman grounds out to short, and Everth Cabrera’s throw ends it. 3-1 Padres. 

Nationals now 46-86.

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