Expos' Pick Ian Desmond Debuts In DC!! Washington Nationals 8-7 Over Philadelphia Phillies.

Ian Desmond is a product of the last Expos' Draft class, selected by Montreal with the 84th pick in the 3rd Round of the 2004 Draft. (ed .note- "Two spots before teammate Garrett Mock went to the current-DC GM Mike Rizzo and the D-Backs in The RZO's old gig as Arizona's Scouting Director..."). Desmond played 639 games over six seasons in the Nationals' system before DC Skipper Jim Riggleman penciled the 23-year-old in at short tonight for his MLB debut against the defending World Series champion Philadelphia Phillies, and Desmond did not disappoint...Batting seventh behind Elijah Dukes, Desmond was 2 for 4 with 4 RBI's, his first MLB double and his first Major League HR, a three-run blast off Philly righty Joe Blanton, that ends up being the game-winner when the Phillies rally for 5 runs in the ninth but fall short in the 8-7 loss to DC. Did I mention that Desmond almost cleared the center field stands with the HR? The kid hit Blanton's hanging curve so far it almost hit the Red Porch Restaurant!! Nationals win, Livan Hernandez gets the W!!! What more could you ask for out of Desmond's debut? Who said something about his error? Huh? Who was it?

Nationals win, 8-7 final. 

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• "Game 140: Interesting In The Corderoan Sense" by Doghouse.


• Spotlight On Ian Desmond!

• E: 121.

• #36: Ask And You Shall Receive.

For The Completists, Full Game Report After The JUMP!!!!

Nationals now 48-92.



• Spotlight On Ian Desmond. DOES HE LOOK NERVOUS AT ALL???

Ian Desmond

#6 / Short Stop / Washington Nationals





Sep 20, 1985


'09 Stats: 

• Double-AA Harrisburg - 42 G, 170 AB's, 52 H, 12 2B, 1 3B, 6 HR's, 18 RBI's, 13 SB, .372 OBP, .494 SLG, .866 OPS.

• Triple-AAA Syracuse - 55 G, 178 AB's, 63 H, 12 2B, 2 3B, 1 HR, 14 RBI's, 8 SB, .428 OBP, .461 SLG, .889 OPS. 

Origin Story - Montreal Expos' 3rd Round pick 84th overall in 2004. 

• MLB Debut - 9/10/09: 2 for 4, 1 2B, 1 HR, 4 RBI's!!! 

• Ian Desmond's first MLB AB came in the Nationals' second. The 23-year-old, right-handed hitting shortstop fouled off a first-pitch slider from Joe Blanton and then connected with a 90 mph fastball, sending it soaring out to center where Shane Victorino made the grab. Desmond's second AB comes in the fourth, and his first MLB hit is an RBI double off the out-of-town scoreboard in right center to score Elijah Dukes from first after Dukes had singled in front of the rookie. Desmond's on second when Wil Nieves walks and starter Livan Hernandez steps up. Livan tries to bunt, and the catcher and pitcher both go for it, so Desmond tries for home, sprinting around third as Chase Utley throws back to the pitcher from first, Desmond slides in headfirst as the pitcher applies the tag, "You'rrre OUT!" yells the Ump. The next time Desmond and Blanton meet in the fifth, there are two men on when Josh Willingham and Dukes take back-to-back walks, and Desmond gets hold of a first-pitch curve that ends up twenty rows back in center field and almost into the Red Porch Restaurant. 3-run HR for Desmond. In the fourth and final AB of Desmond's debut, the Nationals...next...shortstop?...flies out on a 1-1 fastball from Chad Durbin. How was Desmond in the field... 

• E: 121.

So what if Ian Desmond's 1st MLB Error came after his first double and his first home run, and so what if it came with Washington up 8-2 in the ninth, and sorta started a chain of events that eventually led to the Philadelphia Philllies having runners on 1st and 3rd with one out in a one-run game...So what if it's the 121st error of the League-Leading-Nationals' '09 season...E: 121 - Ian Desmond fields a grounder from Jayson Werth to short and sails the throw over first...OUTCOME: After Werth reaches on the E, Pedro Feliz singles, Carlos Ruiz walks and pinch hitter extraordinaire Matt Stairs hits a GRAND SLAM that makes an 8-2 game 8-6. DC right-hander Zack Segovia, who should've had two outs, ends up getting pulled, and his replacement Mike MacDougal gives up another run, forcing DC Skipper Jim Riggleman to bring in Ron Villone, who gives up a single to Chase Utley but gets a DP from Ryan Howard to finally end it at 8-7. 

• #36: Ask And You Shall Receive.

From today's GameThread "?'s For The DC Faithful...", written two hours before the game started:

• #36 Donkey? No Rush, Whenever You're Ready....

Yes, I asked for it, and yes, I got it!! Adam Dunn, The Big Opposite Field!! Dunn Did It Again! For the 36th time this season, Adam Du--SHAKE N BAKE!! SHAKE N BAKE!! Adam Dunn left the yard, taking Joe Blanton and his weak 3-1 change deep to left and into the visitor's bullpen to put Washington up 5-2 two batters before Desmond's 3-run HR gave DC 8...


Philadelphia Phillies At Washington Nationals. Game 140 Of 162.

Nationals’ right-hander Livan Hernandez, aka Mr. National Himself, gets a fly ball to center from Jimmy Rollins that Willie Harris gets under and grabs. Shane Victorino lines right by Pete Orr and into right for a single. Chase Utley lines an RBI triple off the out-of-town scoreboard to score Victorino for a 1-0 lead. Ryan Howard flies out to left center to score Utley. 2-0 Philly. Raul Ibanez grounds weakly to second to end the top of the first...Willie Harris’ groundout starts the Nationals’ half. Pete Orr K’s swinging over a bender in the dirt. Philly righty Joe Blanton gets Ryan Zimmerman, who misses a two-strike curve and K’s.

Jayson Werth drops a leadoff single into short left. Pedro Feliz flies out to left. Philly catcher Carlos Ruiz walks with one down. Joe Blanton bunts both runners over. Jimmy Rollins flies out to center to end the top of the second...Adam Dunn flies out to right. Josh Willingham’s safe on a weak grounder to short when Jimmy Rollins rushes and pulls Howard off the bag with his throw. Josh Willingham’s running when Dukes K’s looking and the Hammer slides in safe at second. Ian Desmond lines one to center in his first MLB AB, but not far enough, 2-0 Phillies after two.

Shane Victorino sends a one-hopper to Adam Dunn at first. Chase Utley slices a fly ball out to left. Ryan Howard battles Livan but grounds out on a full-count curve to end the Phils’ third...Wil Nieves makes Blanton dance with a grounder back over the mound in front of Livan Hernandez. Livan’s sac bunt advances Nieves. Willie Harris works the count full and walks. Pete Orr lines a fastball from Blanton to right and into the gap, Nieves and Harris score, 2-2 ballgame. Ryan Zimmerman gets jammed and flies out to center, but Orr stays put at third. Adam Dunn grounds into the shift to end the third.

Ian Desmond fields and throws to first in time to get Raul Ibanez. Livan Hernandez throws a fastball by Jayson Werth. Ryan Zimmerman cuts in front of Desmond to throw out Pedro Feliz...Josh Willingham grounds out to third to start DC’s fourth. Elijah Dukes surprises everyone with a bunt toward third that’s good for a single. Ian Desmond steps in and lines a double to the right center gap, Dukes scores from first just ahead of the throw home, 3-2 DC on Desmond’s first MLB hit!!!! Wil Nieves takes a one-out walk. Livan Hernandez drops a bunt toward third, and is thrown out at first, Desmond tries to score, and gets tagged out by the pitcher. Double play.

Ian Desmond backs up into short center to catch a pop-up off Carlos Ruiz’s bat. Joe Blanton singles to center on a weak liner. Elijah Dukes charges in and ducks down to catch a line drive from Jimmy Rollins. Shane Victorino rolls one to Zimmerman who takes the force at second...Willie Harris flies to right, Jayson Werth gets there but misses it, Harris safe at second. Pete Orr K’s swinging through a change. Ryan Zimmerman flies out to center. Adam Dunn goes the other way annnnnd GONE!! SHAKE N BAKE!! SHAKE N BAKE!! Adam Dunn’s 36th HR is a two-run blast to the left field bullpen for a 5-2 DC lead. Josh Willingham walks with two down. Elijah Dukes uses his Discerning Eye to draw a two-out walk out of Blanton. Ian Desmond goes DEEEEP TO CENTER FIELD AND GONE!! 3-run blast, 8-2 Nationals. Tyler Walker takes over for Philly. Wil Nieves grounds to short, Jimmy Rollins backhands and throws it away. Nieves safe. Livan Hernandez pops out to the infield to end the fifth. 8-2 DC.

Livan gets a weak grounder to second from Chase Utley. Ryan Howard K’s looking, though he disagrees. Hernandez gets a line drive to second from Raul Ibanez to end Philly’s sixth...Willie Harris flies out to Ibanez. Pete Orr K’s swinging through a 2-2 fastball from Tyler Walker. Ryan Zimmerman pops out to end the sixth.

Wil Nieves catches a pop fly off Jayson Werth’s bat. Ian Desmond fields and fires to get Pedro Feliz at first. Carlos Ruiz waits on a curve and singles to right. Elijah Dukes goes back to the track to catch a fly ball off Andy Tracy’s bat for out number three...Chad Durbin vs Dunn in DC’s seventh. Dunn K’s looking at a fastball outside. Josh Willingham lifts a line drive to center and over Shane Victorino’s head. Elijah Dukes up, Justin Maxwell on to run for the Hammer. Elijah Dukes uses his Discerning Eye to draw a one-out walk. Ian Desmond flies out to the warning track in left. Wil Nieves grounds to second to end the seventh.

Jimmy Rollins starts the eighth with a single. Shane Victorino pops out harmlessly to right. Livan Hernandez is done. Sean Burnett gets a weak grounder to third from Utley, Zimmerman charges, barehands and throws to first. Burnett vs Ryan Howard. Ryan Howard grounds back to the mound, Burnett throws him out...Brad "Shaky" Lidge vs Jesus Flores. Flores pops out to the infield. Willie Harris triples to right and off the out-of-town!!! Pete Orr K’s on a ball in the dirt and has to run it out. Ryan Zimmerman’s making Brad Lidge work for the final out. Zimmerman K’s to end the eighth.

Zack Segovia’s making his DC debut. Raul Ibanez pops out to Desmond behind short. Ian Desmond fields a grounder from Jayson Werth and throws it over first for his first MLB E. Pedro Feliz grounds back to the mound and off Segovia for an infield single. Carlos Ruiz walks to load the bases. Segovia vs Matt Stairs. OH NOES!! HR to right and over the out-of-town for a Grand Slam HR! 8-6 Nationals. Mike MacDougal has to come out for some work. Jimmy Rollins singles to center. Shane Victorino rips a grounder by Zimmerman at third, Rollins scores, 8-7. Riggleman yanks MacDougal for Ron Villone against Utley. Utley sends a dribbler up the middle and Zimmerman gets to it but pockets it. Victorino to third with one down. Ryan Howard grounds weakly to second, Alberto Gonzalez tosses to Desmond at second to Morse at first, double play!!! Double Play!! DOUBLE PLAY! Nationals win. 

Nationals now 48-92.

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