Washington Nationals Take Two Of Three From The Florida Marlins With 7-2 Win Sunday.

Nationals Take Two Of Three From Fish In Florida...

It took Florida starter Chris Volstad 24 pitches to get through the first, and before the first frame was over the soon-to-be 23-year-old right-hander had allowed 2 hits, 3 walks and 3 runs, only two of them earned because of an error on Dan Uggla. DC lefty John Lannan got two quick outs in his own first, but Hanley Ramirez singled, stole second and scored when Jorge Cantu came through with a liner over Pete Orr at third to make it 3-1 Nationals.

A two-out walk by Volstad, his fifth, in the third, proved costly as he put Justin Maxwell on in front of Pete Orr, who hit his third MLB dinger to right center for a 5-1 Nationals’ lead. Vostad’s exited early, having allowed 5 hits, 5 walks and 5 runs, 4 earned in 3.0 IP over which he threw 59 pitches. Marlins’ lefty Andrew Miller took over in the fourth and walked the first batter he faced, Willie Harris, who was running on Ian Desmond’s infield single in the next AB. Harris took third when Hanley Ramirez threw wide of first on Desmond's grounder and scored when Cristian Guzman followed with a single over second for a 6-1 Nationals' lead after three and a half. In the fifth, it was Orr again, who doubled, took second on a passed ball and came home on an infield groundout by Wil Nieves for a 6-run, 7-1 lead. 

John Lannan (W, 9-11) allows just 1 ER on 6 hits through 5.0, throwing 81 pitches, 50 for strikes, but a rain delay ends his day after just the five innings pitched. Tyler Clippard comes out after nearly two more hours of rain on top of last night's delays, and Clippard throws two scoreless in which he allows just 1 hit. Jason Bergmann starts the eighth by giving up a single to Hanley Ramirez, but a DP grounder from Jorge Cantu erased that runner. A two-out walk, however, did end up scoring, after a passed ball and a Cody Ross single make it 7-2, but any hope of a late Florida comeback ends when Land Shark Stadium is soaked by another storm...This rain delay finally ends it after two hours and forty-eight minutes of play, and three hours and three minutes of delays...

Nationals win, 7-2 final. 

For A Florida Marlins Fan's Perspective On The Rain...uh, Game....Check Out The SB Nation's Marlins Blog:


"Game 143: Rain helps the Nats for once" by Doghouse.


• E: 122. 

• What's Tim Foli Going To Do Now?

For The Completists, Full Game Report After The JUMP...

Nationals now 50-93.


E: 122. 

Pete Orr got his 3rd MLB HR today and his 2nd double of 2009, but he also commited his second error, which gives the Nationals 122-Major-League-leading errors on the season. E: 122 - Orr's E came in the first, on a throw to first that got by Adam Dunn, who was pulled off the bag and then just missed the ball. Orr's throw was offline, which is why, I suppose, he was given the E, as opposed to Dunn, who flat-out missed the catch. OUTCOME: Jorge Cantu moved first to third on the error, but he was stranded there one batter later when Cody Ross grounded into a force at second. No Harm. 

What's Tim Foli Going To Do Now?

MASN's Nationals Sideline Reporter Debbi Taylor conducted an interview with DC GM Mike Rizzo in the fifth inning of today's game in which Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Rizzo quickly discussed John Lannan's performance, Ian Desmond's debut and the future of '09 Syracuse Chiefs' Manager Tim Foli...

Debbi Taylor: Mike, a nice turnaround for John Lannan, what are you seeing there?

Mike Rizzo: Well, I think he's commanding his fastball much better than the previous couple of starts, and when he gets ahead of hitters, he can be really tough on guys with the rest of his repertoire, and he's pounding the strike zone today.

Debbi Taylor: Ian Desmond making his first start at second base, what are your impressions of him over there so far?

Mike Rizzo: Well, he's a very live-bodied, rangy play, he's very athletic and he's got a good arm and good hands, and we feel that if need be he could make the transition to second base or stay at shortstop, but, you know, his major league debut's been uh, it's hard to find any faults in it so far...

Debbi Taylor: He's been spectacular, a couple of more hits today, but how difficult is it not to be tricked by good play in the month of September?

Mike Rizzo: Well, September, when you're in the position we're in, is, you know, usually the players are relaxed coming up here and it's a little bit different feel than you get through the long haul of the season, so, you know, we're optimistic, but we're cautiously optimistic, and we take everything with a grain of salt on the performance, good or bad, because often times it can fool you...

Debbi Taylor: Tim Foli is somebody that has been really helpful to a lot of the players, and I know this is the time of year that you make some changes within the organization, what are your plans for him next year?

Mike Rizzo: Well, Tim's been, he's been a vital part of the organization, he's one of the true great baseball minds in our organization, and he's made the transformation from Field Coordinator to Triple-A Manager to help us out in Triple-A this year, we feel that he may be best suited and most valuable as a field coordinator, coordinating all of the instruction of all the levels of the minor leagues, not just our Triple-A players.


Washington Nationals At Florida Marlins. Game 143 Of 162.

Willie Harris walks to start the Sunday finale. Marlins’ starter Chris Volstad gives up single up the middle on the first pitch to Ian Desmond. Cristian Guzman grounds to second, Desmond avoids the tag and Dan Uggla throws high to first pulling Nick Johnson off the bag to load the bases. Adam Dunn up, and a wild pitch from Volstad brings Willie Harris in, 1-0 Nationals. Dunn walks to bring Elijah SSSUPER DUKESSS up. Dukes slices a fastball inside over first for a two-run single and a 3-0 DC lead. Justin Maxwell flies out to center on the first pitch he sees. Pinch Hittin’ Pete Orr walks to reload the bases for the "Blocker" Wil Nieves. Nieves grounds to short, Hanley Ramirez to Uggla to Nick Johnson at first, double play...Chris Coghlan grounds out to Ian Desmond at second for John Lannan’s first out. Nick Johnson hits a liner right into Adam Dunn’s oversized glove. Hanley Ramirez punches a single to center in front of Jorge Cantu. Ramirez swipes one on Lannan. Cantu scores Ramirez from second with a liner over Orr at third. 3-1 Washington. Pete Orr backhands a grounder from Uggla and throws wide of first, Dunn misses it. First and third. Cody Ross grounds to Guzman at short, to Desmond, like the sound of that, 3-1 after one.

Lannan leads off the second with a weak groundout to third. Willie Harris takes a one-out walk off of Volstad. Ian Desmond takes an 0-2 fastball for a called strike three. The Guzzz, Cristian Guzman flies to left on the first pitch from Volstad...John Lannan gets a groundout to short from Ronny Paulino. Cameron Maybin grounds toward short, Orr cuts it off and throws to first, in time. Lannan gets the opposing pitcher swinging.

Adam Dunn sends a leadoff single whistling back up the middle. Elijah Dukes chops one out to Uggla, to Ramirez, to Johnson, double play. Justin Maxwell takes a two-out walk from Chris Volstad, and Pete Orr makes’em pay, Orr scores Maxwell the easy way with a line drive HR to right center, 5-1 DC. Wil Nieves reaches on a grounder that Volstad can’t handle. Lannan stares an 0-2 bender all the way in...Chris Coghlan rips a grounder to second and Ian Desmond can’t make the play. Nick Johnson pops out to center on a 3-1 fastball inside. Hanley Ramirez gets blown away on a 2-2 fastball outside and low. Jorge Cantu grounds to Desmond at second, to Guzman.

Andrew Miller replaces Chris Volstad after the third, and walks the first batter he sees, Willie Harris. Harris is running on a sharp grounder to short by Ian Desmond, Hanley Ramirez throws it by first, first and third when Harris moves up. The Guzzzzz, Cristian Guzman singles in a run, slicing a liner through second. 6-1 Nationals. Andrew Miller throws a wild pitch to move Desmond to third. Adam Dunn tips a 3-2 pitch into Ronny Paulino’s glove. Dukes pops the first pitch he sees up to first. Justin Maxwell swings through a 3-2 fastball to end the top of the fourth...Dan Uggla grounds out to short to start the Marlins’ fourth. Cody Ross rips a line drive to left center, but has to stop at first. Ronny Paulino walks to put two on for Cameron Maybin. Lannan hits the outside corner with a 1-2 heater for a called strike three. Pinch hittter Gaby Sanchez grounds to short, Guzman throws to second for the force, and Desmond gets out number four with a throw to first.

Christhian Martinez gives up a leadoff double to Pete Orr, who gets a liner by Johnson at first and into the right field corner. Orr takes third on a pitch from Martinez that gets by the catcher. Wil Nieves ground sharply to short with Orr running home, Hanley Ramirez throws to first, 7-1 DC. John Lannan grounds to short. Willie Harris grounds out to first to end the Nationals’ fifth...Chris Coghlan pops out to Justin Maxwell in right center. Nick Johnson flies out to Elijah Dukes on the warning track in right. Cristian Guzman stabs a grounder from Hanley Ramirez, but throws late to first. Jorge Cantu lines to left where Willie Harris grabs it.

Florida lefty Dan Meyer gets Ian Desmond looking for a called strike three. Cristian Guzman rips a single through short...and it’s another Rain Delay...Kiko Calero’s on the mound when it’s over, Adam Dunn’s K’s swinging and Elijah Dukes flies out to Cody Ross in right to end the Nationals’ sixth...Tyler Clippard vs Dan Uggla. Uggla pops up over the mound, Desmond gets in to make the catch. Cody Ross swings through a 1-2 fastball. Ronny Paulino swings through a two-strike change to end the sixth.

Justin Maxwell takes an 0-2 fastball outside and high for a called strike three. Pinch Hittin’ Pete Orr flies out to Maybin. Wil Nieves chops out to third to end the top of the seventh...Cameron Maybin rips a ground ball through short to start the bottom of the frame. Ross Gload sends a flare out to short for Guzman to grab. Chris Coghlan flies out to Willie Harris in left. Nick Johnson flies out to right to end the seventh.

Mike Morse is up in the top o’ the eighth. Burke Badenhop throwing for Florida. Morse shoots a grounder to short that Hanley Ramirez handles. WIllie Harris sneaks a single through second. Ian Desmond grounds into a force at second, but beats out the DP throw to first. Cristian Guzman grounds sharply to short, Hanley Ramirez has no play at second and he bounces a throw to first that’s too late. Alberto Gonzalez ground out to short to end the frame...Jason Bergmann takes over on the mound against Hanley Ramirez. Ramirez drops a pop into short right. Jorge Cantu grounds to the hole at short, Desmond gets there, backhands, throws to second, Alberto Gonzalez to first, double play. Dan Uggla takes a two-out walk. Uggla takes second on a passed ball with Cody Ross at bat. Ross fouls off a few 3-2 pitches and finally singles to left to score Uggla. 7-2 DC. Ronny Paulino grounds out to second to end the eighth.

Elijah Dukes leads off the ninth. Dukes takes strike three on the outside edge. Justin Maxwell K’s swinging over a bender. Pete Orr K’s staring at a slider...Cameron Maybin vs Jason Bergmann in the ninth. Maybin singles to center. RAIN DELAY AGAIN!!!! And they never come back...Washington wins, 7-2 final.

Nationals now 50-93.

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