Nationals News: Lots More Links Edition

News about teams with a 46-87 record:

  The Nats are now in the middle of a five game skid, and are hitting .194 against the Padres. That's at least partially due to the monstrosity that is Petco Park (where the pets go!), but the Nats' offense has been struggling this entire road trip.

  Fangraphs has assembled a preview of the Desert Dogs, the Nats' team in the Arizona Fall league.

  The Nationals are holding off on calling up minor leaguers until the end of the minor league season, with the Syracuse Chiefs in contention for the North Division title.

  Collin Balester made his first minor league start (of this stint) yesterday, giving up three runs on seven hits in four innings.

  Marco Estrada, currently playing for the Chiefs, was named pitcher of the month for the International League.

  Nats320 is in the midst of Negro Leagues Week, and today's post covers the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Very interesting stuff, and great pictures!

  Nationals Pitcher JD Martin fractured Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips' wrist on August 15, and Phillips thinks he was hit on purpose. Now he wants revenge.

  The GCL Nationals, the Rookie A level Gulf Coast League affiliate, moved on to the championship round of the GCL, defeating the GCL Twins 1-0.

From the Strasburg file:

  MASN's Byron Kerr interviewed Scott Hopgood, Stephen Strasburg's high school coach.

  The Washington Times reports that Strasburg hasn't bought anything big just yet, but has been enjoying playing golf.

  MASN also had the opportunity to interview Strasburg himself, and it's pretty painful. Doesn't he know that MASN are the good guys?!

  John Feinstein writes that Stephen Strasburg needs to learn how to deal with media attention, and after seeing his interview with MASN, he may be right.

  The Times also did a piece on Strasburg's time on ESPN980.

News about teams with a better than 46-87 record:

  The Mets' David Wright came off the DL yesterday, after recovering from a concussion from a Matt Cain fastball to the head. He's said he's going to wear Rawlings' S100 baseball helmet, designed for greater safety.

  Also about the Mets, Johan Santana and Oliver Perez both underwent season-ending surgery. One of these surgeries was a setback for the Mets. Can you guess which one?

  Luis Ayala, a former Expo/National, accused the Marlins of poor roster management after being designated for assignment.

News about things no more than 40% Nationals related:

  Federal prosecutors have asked for a stay of a court's decision that steroid testing records were illegally seized, arguing that the records may be otherwise destroyed.

  The Rangers designated Thomas Diamond for assignment yesterday, their 2004 first-round pick. His stats aren't half bad, perhaps the Nats could pick him up?

  If you're in town, and you're dying for a reason to head back to RFK for a sporting event, cancel your appointments for tonight -- DC United is hosting the Seattle Sounders for the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup tonight at 7:30!

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