Washington Nationals Drop Their 100th Game Of 2009, 7-6 To The Los Angeles Dodgers.

• Before the 102-loss 2008 Washington Nationals, and ignoring for a moment the Montreal Expos' past of the current DC-based baseball franchise since the Nationals' ownership group has no love for this team's Francophone roots, you have to go back to 1964 to find the last 100-loss season in DC baseball history. It was also the last time, (before this year) that a team from the nation's capital had back to back hundred-loss campaigns. The 1964 Senators dropped the 162nd game of that season to Johnny Pesky and the Boston Red Sox to finish the year 62-100. The previous year, the '63 Senators dropped their one-hundredth in game 153 against the Baltimore Orioles, and they ended the season 56-106. In 1962, the Senators dropped number 100 to Elston Howard, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris and the NY Yankees in game 159 of 161, and in '61 the Senators hit the century mark in Game 161 against the Kansas City Athletics in the first year after the Original Senators left and became the Twins...

• The Original Senators dropped 100 games or more four times...The 1955 Senators dropped No. 100 in the next-to-last game of their 154 game schedule, which they completed 53-101 after three straight losses to the Baltimore Orioles. Before that, the 1949 Senators finished 50-104, losing their 100th to Yogi Berra, Phil Rizzuto and the Yankees in the 147th of 154...One-hundred years ago this season, loss 100 for the 1909 Senators came against the St. Louis Browns in game 136 of 142, with Washington eventually finishing 42-110...And, finally, there's the 1904 Senators, who reached one-hundred losses in game 132 of 157 to Willie Keeler, Wid Conroy and the 1904 New York Yankees...

Last year, Washington lost 100 of 159, hitting triple digits against Phillies, and then dropping two more to finish 59-102. This year...??? AFTER THE JUMP...

• The DC Faithful Were Watching...

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For The Completists, Full Game Report After The JUMP...

Trying To Avoid Triple Digits, The 52-99 '09 Nationals take on the Los Angeles Dodgers in the third of a three-game series in DC...

• The first three Dodgers to come up in the first, Rafael Furcal, Andre Ethier and Manny Ramirez, hit back to back to back singles to start the game and Ramirez’s scores the Dodgers’ first run of the night off DC’s J.D. Martin. Matt Kemp drives in the next three with a 3-run HR on the first pitch he sees after a visit to the mound from DC Pitching Coach Steve McCatty. Fastball down the pipe and out to left, into the Red Porch. 4-0 LA...

Ryan Zimmerman walks and Josh Willingham rips a fastball from Vicente Padilla back up the middle to put two on for Elijah Dukes, who doubles off the right field wall to drive Zimmerman in and cut the lead to three. 4-1 LA. Alberto Gonzalez goes the other way with a fastball outside for a line drive single that scores Josh Willingham. Jamie Burke’s first RBI for Washington makes it a one-run game, but that’s as close as DC can get. 4-3 Dodgers. 

• J.D. Martin gives a run right back, with a HBP, a single and a walk to start the Dodgers’ third. Martin gets Ronnie Belliard swinging, but gives up a sac fly to Blake DeWitt to put the Nationals two runs behind L.A. at 5-3 after three. The Nationals climb back within one when Willie Harris scores Alberto Gonzalez from second on a two-out single, 5-4 LA,  but the Dodgers are quickly up by two again after Matt Kemp reaches first on a line drive to left that Josh Willingham drops after losing it in the lights... E: 133...takes on second on the Willingham error, and moves to third on a wild pitch/ball four from DC reliever Marco Estrada to James Loney, before scoring on hard hit Blake DeWitt grounder to third that makes it 6-4 LA. 

Cristian Guzman and Willie Harris hit back to back two-out RBI singles off LA righty Ramon Troncoso in the sixth to score Elijah Dukes, who'd wallked with one down and Alberto Gonzalez, who hit a one-out single. 6-6 ballgame after six, and it looks like LA's going to take the lead right back in the seventh after Matt Kemp flies to left, to the wall, and has it bounce of Josh Willingham's glove and fall in for a stand-up triple, but three outs later, Tyler Clippard's retired the side with a strike out, an infield pop out and a fly ball to center to strand Kemp...

Top of the eighth...DC lefty Ron Villone gets pinch-hitter Jim Thome to ground out to first, but in the next AB, Villone throws a 1-0 sinker to Rafael Furcal that hangs up in the zone and ends up going out to right, right over the out-of-town scoreboard and into the first row of seats. Ballgame. 7-6 Dodgers win. 

Nationals now 52-100.


Los Angeles Dodgers At Washington Nationals. Game 152 Of 162. 

Rafael Furcal, Andre Ethier and Manny Ramirez hit back to back to back singles to start the game and Ramirez’s hit scores the Dodgers’ first run off DC’s J.D. Martin. 1-0 LA. Matt Kemp drives in the next three with a 3-run HR on the first pitch he sees. Fastball down the pipe and out to left, into the Red Porch. 4-0 LA. J.D. Martin throws a sharp slider inside to get James Loney swinging. Martin throws a fastball by Ronnie Belliard for his second K. Blake DeWitt sends a line drive to short on one hop, but Ian Desmond dives to stab it, jumps up and throws DeWitt out (ESPN Webgem #5)...Willie Harris pops out to the infield. Ian Desmond K’s swinging over a two-strike curve outside. Adam Dunn K’s swinging over a full-count slider from Vicente Padilla. 

Russell Martin backs Josh Willingham up to the track in left, flying out for the first out of the second. J.D. Martin gets the opposing pitcher swinging. Rafael Furcal keeps the inning alive, wrapping a grounder around first base and fair, and sliding in ahead of Elijah Dukes’ throw to second. Andre Ethier grounds out to second and Alberto Gonzalez’s throw ends LA’s second...Ryan Zimmerman walks to start DC’s second. Josh Willingham gets his first solid hit in recent memory, lining a 2-0 pitch to center. Padilla leaves a fastball up in the zone and Elijah Dukes destroys it, doubling off the right-center wall. Alberto Gonzalez goes the other way with a line drive to right that scores Willingham. 4-2 Dodgers. Jamie Burke scores Dukes from third with a sac fly to the track in left field. 4-3 LA. J.D. Martin bunts Alberto Gonzalez over. Willie Harris pops out to short to end the second. 

Manny Ramirez takes a fastball on the elbow. Matt Kemp lines by J.D. Martin’s glove and under a diving Ian Desmond at short for a single. Russell Martin walks. Ronnie Belliard’s got the bases-loaded chance. J.D. Martin makes Belliard look silly with a looping 1-2 curve. Blake DeWitt flies out to right, Josh Willingham overthrows the cutoff man to give up the run and two extra bases. 5-3 Dodgers. Russell Martin gets the intentionals. VIcente Padilla flies out to end LA’s third...Ian Desmond K’s swinging to start DC’s third. Adam Dunn grounds to Loney at first, Padilla covers. Ryan Zimmerman and Josh Willingham both walk with two down and Dukes has another chance. Vicente Padilla hits the outside corner with a full-count fastball for a called strike three. 

Marco Estrada takes over for J.D. Martin and strikes out Rafael Furcal to start the fourth. Estrada hits the outside corner with fastball for strike three on Andre Ethier. Manny Ramirez swings through a fastball upstairs, just tipping it into DC backstop Jamie Burke’s mitt...Alberto Gonzalez reaches on a swinging bunt toward third that Blake DeWitt just watches. Padilla hits the outside corner to get Jamie Burke staring at strike three. Marco Estrada gets down the second successful sac of the night to move Gonzalez to second. Willie Harris knocks Alberto in with a line drive single to make it 5-4 then gets thrown out running with Desmond at bat.  

Matt Kemp ends up on second when Josh Willingham drops his line drive to left and throws in late to second. James Loney walks and ball four gets by Jamie Burke. Kemp takes third. Ronnie Belliard swings through a straight-up fastball. Ryan Zimmerman fields a high hopper from Blake DeWitt on his backhand, spins and leaps to fire to second for the force as Kemp scores. 6-4 Dodgers. Russell Martin pops out to short right to end the Dodgers’ fifth...Vicente Padilla hits the outside corner with a two-seam fastball to get Desmond looking again. Adam Dunn pops up behind home but it plays tricks on Russell Martin and he misses it. Dunn pops out to Kemp in center. Ryan Zimmerman grounds out to second to end the fifth.

Pinch hitter Juan Pierre lines out to the Hammer in left. Rafael Furcal hits a one-out double over Willie Harris’ head in center. Andre Ethier pops out behind second. Jason Bergmann’s on for Estrada with two down and Furcal still at second. Bergmann vs Manny Ramirez. Bergmann gets a harmless fly to center from LA’s slugger to strand Furcal on second...Ronnie Belliard leaps to pull a line drive from Willingham down. Ronald Belisario vs Elijah Dukes. Dukes uses his Discering Eye to draw a one-out walk. Alberto Gonzalez sneaks a single through short. Jamie Burke K’s swinging. Pinch hitter Cristian Guzman grounds sharply to second where Belliard awaits on the grass. Belliard fields and rushes a throw that sails by first, Loney and Guzman collide, Dukes scores, 6-5 LA. Willie Harris lines a single over short to score Alberto Gonzalez, and it’s tied at 6-6. Ian Desmond K’s swinging and has to run it out. 

Matt Kemp flies deeep to right off Tyler Clippard....Josh Willingham tracks it and leaps at the wall...but misses, trapping it up with his glove, but letting it drop...and Hammer thinks it’s out...Kemp keeps running, and it’s a triple before Willingham finds it in his feet. James Loney K’s swinging at a fastball outside. Ronnie Belliard takes a full-count fastball for ball four. Clippard pops up Blake DeWitt, Zimmerman catches it in foul territory off third. Clippard gets a fly ball to center from Russell Martin and the leadoff triple is stranded!!! Still 6-6...Adam Dunn walks on four straight from Ramon Tronocoso to start DC’s seventh. Ryan Zimmerman gets jammed and flies out to left. Dunn’s running as Josh Willngham grounds out to DeWitt at third. Dukes gets the intentionals to bring up Alberto Gonzalez. The General grounds weakly to third to end the seventh. 

Ron Villone starts the eighth against Jim Thome who grounds out to first. Rafael Furcal gets a 90 mph sinker for ball one. Villone comes back with another sinker that hangs up high in the zone and Furcal launches it to right, and, GONE! Solo HR, 7-6 Dodgers. NO!!! Andre Ethier grounds out and Villone’s done. Logan Kensing comes on and walks Manny Ramirez before popping up Kemp to end the LA eighth...George Sherrill gets a fly ball to left from Jamie Burke and a line drive to center from Justin Maxwell. Willie Harris walks to give Ian Desmond a two-out shot. Desmond lines to right, Harris rounds third, Ethier comes up throwing, and it’s perfect, Harris is dead, he tries to ram Russell Martin, but it’s no use, Martin holds on, 7-6 LA after eight.

James Loney lines out to to left. Logan Kensing pops Ronnie Belliard up. Blake DeWitt’s thinking double when he lines to right, but Dukes’ arm holds him at first. Russell Martin flies out to right to end the Dodgers’ ninth...Dunn, Zimmerman and Orr vs Jonathan Broxton. Adam Dunn grounds to DeWitt at second in the dramatic shift. Ryan Zimmerman grounds out to DeWitt at third. Pete Orr grounds back to the mound. The Nationals lose their 100th game of 2009. 7-6 final. 

Nationals now 52-100.

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