Nationals News: Bonus Coverage Sunday Edition

  A quick rundown before the game begins on Sunday. Hit the jump for my awards picks, and then DISCUSS!

Nationals News

  The Nationals have become the anti-spoiler, giving contending teams a rollover opponent almost every time. FJB is right, if the Braves get the wild card because they have seven more games against the Nats, the Rockies will be justifiably upset.

  Ryan Zimmerman leads the league with 15 web gems this year. It's time for his first Gold Glove.

  Stan Kasten really sounds like he knows what he's doing in terms of long-term planning, and that makes me happy.

  Thomas Boswell and Ryan Zimmerman like Adam Dunn -- and you should too.

  Adam Dunn is frustrated, and Jim Riggleman likes it!

  Stephen Strasburg will be making his first start with the Nationals organization on October 5 in Viera, FL.

  Stan Kasten believes the Nats have a bright future. I think he's right, but is a team's president really going to say anything else?

  Cristian Guzman and Sean Burnett may not play again this season due to injuries.

  3 away from Bryce Harper, and the Nats hold all tiebreakers!

  Dugout Central has picked their all-time Montreal Expos team.

Non-Nationals News

  Nationals President Stan Kasten is a big fan of Bobby Cox.

  Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman has been ruled a free agent by MLB. Expect the Yankees to spend some ridiculous amount of money on him.

  There have been more starts by rookie pitchers this year than in any year in the last century.

  Brad Lidge is not the closer in Philadelphia anymore, a year after going 48-48 in save opportunities.

  Alex Rodriguez broke the Yankees team record for most home runs at home in their new stadium.

  Ichiro Suzuki was ejected for the first time in his career (including his time in Japan) for aguing a strike call.

  White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen made the news with his mouth again, and it's hilarious. But he's absolutely right.

  Zack Greinke needs the AL Cy Young. And since you asked, here are my picks for the other awards:
     AL MVP - Joe Mauer
     NL MVP - Albert Pujols
     NL Cy Young - Tim Lincecum (come on, he plays for the Giants)
     AL Rookie of the Year - Brett Anderson (a complete guess)
     NL Rookie of the Year - Tommy Hanson
     NL third base Gold Glove - Ryan Zimmerman

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