Washington Nationals: 2010 Draft Watch: Deck McGuire?

I don't really want to reveal the source of a new name to watch for the MLB 2010 First-Year Player Draft for fear of the collective groan which follows each and every mention of his name, (he's a journo now get over it), but the former DC GM and current XM and FOX personality Jim Bowden once again inserted himself into a discussion about the Washington Nationals and the twenty-ten no.1 overall pick when he sent a message out via Twitter tonight which read:

"Nationals looking at Anthony Ranaudo, Deck McGuire and Bryce Harper as considerations for the first pick in this year's June FA Draft."

FA Draft? I'm not sure about that part. Deck McGuire?

I have no idea if Mr. Bowden talked to someone from Washington in his role as an XM host or if someone was on FOX with him, but the new name in the conversation about the no.1 overall draft pick in 2010 is Deck McGuire, a 6'6'', 218+lb right-hander who was the 2009 ACC Pitcher of the Year at Georgia Tech after going (11-2) in '09 with a 3.50 ERA in 16 starts and 100.1 IP over which the 20-year-old Richmond, Virginia native struck out 118 (10.5 K/9) and walked 41 (3.68 BB/9) while holding opposing teams to a .232 BAA. McGuire's bio at the Baseball Rumor Mill.com says that he's got a, "...mid-90's fastball plus three solid off-speed pitches in his slider, changeup, and curveball." 

MLB.com's Jonathan Mayo has McGuire ranked 12th overall on the most recent edition of his 2010 Draft List. In article by Michael Huang at The Sporting News.com's MLB Draft Center entitled, "MLB Draft -- So Who's Next in 2010", Mr. Huang quotes scouts who say McGuire's heater hits 95, and the Sporting News' writer describes how the Yellow Jackets' right-hander's size works in his advantage:

"At 6-6 and 230 pounds, he gets great leverage on his fastball and complements it with a tight slider, effective curveball and good change-up. With four above-average or plus pitches, McGuire is certain to go in the first half of the first round."

Deck McGuire's player page at Georgia Tech's official site describes him as, "An excellect command pitcher with outstanding size." Outstanding size...(ed. note - "But I'll give the Jackets' site this, they use a possessive apostrophe when they call McGuire a 'Yellow Jackets' starter'"). Rob Ozga, in an article at the Baseball Draft Report entitled, "Updated Top Fifty 2010 Draft-Eligible Prospect Big Board", describes McGuire as having, "...the best three-pitch mix of any 2010 pitcher." 

Georgia Tech's 2009 Season starts with a three-game series against Missouri State this Friday, 2/19/10.


• Washington Nationals: 2010 Draft Watch: Bryce Harper/Jameson Taillon. - Federal Baseball

• College Baseball Insider - Your Home for College Baseball by Sean Ryan

"Deck McGuire spent much of the 2009 season establishing himself as one of college baseball’s top pitchers. His reward was an invite to try out for Team USA; his fallback was pitching for Orleans in the Cape."

• Washington Nationals: 2010 Prospect Review - Harper, Ranaudo, Pomeranz and Taillon. - Federal Baseball

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