Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/20/10

The Brewers are a better team today than they were on Friday, and the Royals are still the Royals. They are loaded with prospects, but there is a difference between prospects and players. Every team has prospects, and the Royals could probably have gotten more in return if they had waited. --Joe Posnanski at

A further review of the prospects the Royals received. --Marc Hulet from

On his way to the Brewers Greinke made sure to take a detour and flip off the Nationals, but it might not be all bad. --Adam Kilgore at

Hanging onto players like Espinosa and Storen could help the Nationals in the future. --Ben Goessling at

Of course Greinke might have come to the Nationals if Cliff Lee didn't go to the Phillies. I like cheesesteaks, tasty cakes, and cream cheese as much as the next guy, but I am really starting to hate the city they come from. --Phil Wood from

The signing of Werth might not have changed the perception of the Nationals as losers as much as everyone thought. --Nate at

One other problem that they franchise faces is a disloyal fan base*. --Maury Brown at

*In my opinion the people of D.C. don't like to be told they are disloyal. This type of thing should be spread among the major publications that cover the Nationals and become a sort of fan bulletin board material. Remember when Buster Onley predicted the Nationals to lose 140 game?

A look at how the Nationals are doing in the Winter leagues. --Sue Dinem from

Slightly further in depth look at Jesus Flores, Wilson Ramos, Yunesky Maya, Henry Rodriguez, and Elvin Ramirez. --Ben Goessling at

For now the Nationals still have a giant hole at first base, and with LaRoche still sitting on a 3 year offer from the Orioles the Nationals options might be dwindling. --Adam Kilgore from

The Nationals might not mind losing out on LaRoche as Derrek Lee is their number one target. --Bill Ladson from 

Jayson Werth says he is very excited to be a National.

He isn't the only one professing excitement as Collin Balester is excited about the upcoming season. --Collin Balester via Twitter

Jayson Werth is known for his family history and his dedication to healthy living. With this combination he hopes to play into his 40's. --Byron Kerr at

Matt Stairs is already in his 40's and is ready to start swinging the lumber again. --Nick Cafardo at

The Nats have signed Chad Gaudin to a minor league deal. --Mark Zuckerman from

And Matt Antonelli. --Matt Antonelli at

The Nationals rotation is full of question marks, but not all questions are answered in the negative and it could be a year full of proving doubters wrong. --Pete Kerzel from

The only thing that is certain about the Nationals rotation is that Strasburg won't be a part of it until at least September if he heals quickly, but he did have the best game of the year last season. --Bill Ladson at

If the rotation has a good chance to be terrible it is important for a team to have two things. A good bullpen that can go four innings nightly and guys in the field that can catch the ball. The Nationals might have the first one in good order. --Ben Goessling at              


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