The "Money Has Been Shown To Me"!

Now we are talking!

The Lerner's have shown DC and me the money, so now I won't rant about them being cheap any more.

Worth is a great investment even if for only 4 productive years. He's got power, speed, defense, and he's a clutch hitter.

He is also a great community person and club house addition.

I will now go out of my way to get people to go to the Nats games to show Mr. Lerner my gratitude. Now just a few more suggestions.  I know Mr. Rizzo knows all of this, but also get one blue chip starter, and one blue chip relief pitcher. The rest of the team will fall into place. Baseball is one of the most psychic games out there. Don't tell me why, but great players who are leaders, make other players on the same team look better. Attitude and confidence explode. It's contagious.

Please, oh please, get a larger radio network. It should cover all of Virginia down to and into N. Carolina, into West Virginia. and , yes, into Maryland to the Eastern shore. Then please get a powerful flag station like WTOP-FM, or 97.1, 106.7, something other than the 50 watt powered WFED-am, which you can barely get outside the beltway, and of course, with all the am static to boot. Let's act like a major league team. Next, consider charted buses from the outlying areas, particularly, Virginia.

Consider a combination or just a Nats Express via the VRE train. It stops at L'Enfant Plaza, just a few blocks away, really an easy metro ride away.

Finally, build some parking garages. Most still drive. Remember it's quite unpleasant to ride the Metro with a family from anywhere during rush hour when most fans have to compete with the crunch of commuters going home. Schedule more business person special day games, have different agency or U.S. Govt. Department nights, and schedule more day games during the freezing cold months of April and late September. The sunshine helps a lot. Next really start having the Nats meeting people out in the surrounding neighborhoods in DC and greater Metro area, ad not just to season ticket holders and luxury box folks. We are in the Great Recession and a lot of people need something to take their minds off of things. Baseball has always proven to be a real pick me upper during hard times like the Great Depression and the Great Wars. This means a lot to many younger, future fans. Build up the future fan base by giving special rates to groups of youngsters under 16. School is still in, during the months of April, May and September!

I know their there's an important business end to this great  game, but the Capital City needs a winner. The late Abe Pollin and the present owner of the Caps, Ted Leonis knew how to do it and knew how important it was to the city. Let's fly right and build the Nats together (fans and ownership) to the day we will win the Big One!

Respectfully,and thank you, Mr. Lerner


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