Nationals Daily Evolutions 12/9/10

SEATTLE - JUNE 04: Reliever Chad Cordero #33 of the Seattle Mariners pitches against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Safeco Field on June 4, 2010 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Back in the summer of 2006 I had 2 dates with the woman that would become my wife shortly before traveling to Atlanta to visit my friend and take in a Nats / Braves series. I remember sitting outside of Willies eating my burrito and watching all the beautiful bronzed-skinned southern belles walking by in their short shorts and Jeff Francoeur jerseys. My how the world has changed. --Joe Posnanski at

Speaking of that trip. The first game was the only one the Nationals won and it was because of an Austin Kearns three run homer. Saul Rivera ended up with the save due to Chad Cordero's ingrown toenail. Chad was signing near the visitors dugout the next day and we asked him how his toe was. Cordero is a great guy and no one deserves what has happened to him, but it is a wonderful thing to see the outpouring of support he is recieving for his loss. --Cheryl Nichols from

Rule 5 draft this morning and Nationals selected Mets prospect Elvin Ramirez, and Cardinals prospect Brian Broderick. --Mark Zuckerman at

The biggest news from last night was the Red Sox signing of Carl Crawford. --Joe Lemire at

With reports now that Yankees are offering 7 years it looks like they were the desperate team to react to the Crawford signing. --Ken Rosenthal from

When Scott Boras was asked to sum up the Winter Meetings in one word that word was, "Nationals." More importantly Strasburg is progressing as expected. --Adam Kilgore from

The Nationals pursuit of everything has been labeled as aggressive. I wonder how much is reality and how much is reaction to the Werth deal. --Ed Price at

Even if all this aggressive behavior hasn't netted much at the Winter Meetings it has changed the perception of the Nationals around baseball. --Adam Kilgore at

As far as trading for Greinke goes i would trade Ian Desmond for him a million times over. The issue is it most likely takes Norris and Zimmermann as well. --Racheal at

As far as the Nationals improving I will probably write a fanpost when most of the big moves have been made. As it is filler the Dunn hole with Werth isn't enough, but LaRoche would be a good step in the right direction. --Dave Nichols from

The not to be missed Wil Neives highlight reel.           

The Winter Meetings isn't just a place where moves are made it is a place where moves are set in motion. This week has been mostly talk for the Nationals, but that talk could lead to some action before Christmas. --Mark Zuckerman at

The price for Greinke is said to be high and holding steady. --Ken Rosenthal at

The Rangers aren't letting agents control their moves as they won't move beyond five years for Lee and have a good shot at Greinke as a back-up plan. --Tracy Ringolsby from

As far as Cliff Lee goes his decline could come quicker than some expect. --Cliff Corcoran from

The Winter Meetings should be subtitled Conflicting Reports. --Craig Calcaterra at

Rizzo still on the lookout for a veteran reliever in case Storen isn't up to the job. Is Jon Rauch still unsigned? --Ben Goessling at

According to Kenny Williams Adam Dunn never cared about DHing. --Jen Royal from        

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