• CBSSports.com: Fantasy Baseball Commissioner League: Federal Baseball Fantasty League.

(ed. note - "If you aren't interested in Fantasy Baseball, please skip this post, which contains information about an offer the SB Nation's Baseball sites were presented with earlier this week...")

Early this month, FB writer John Quinn set about starting up a Federal Baseball Fantasy League as a way to give readers another way to interact (and compete, test theories) here at Federal Baseball. Every once in a while sites within SB Nation's baseball community receive offers from companies who think the readers here are the target audience for their product. This offer apparently appealed to most sites, since most if not all of the SB Nation's baseball sites accepted the offer, so I thought I'd at least offer it up to see if there was any interest, since I know it's something some of us planned on doing anyway, and it's a great chance to play out the stat-based arguments we've all participated in in the comments section on a big-name site.

CBSSports.com has introduced the Fantasy Baseball Commissioner League this year, and has partnered with SB Nation's baseball sites so we can start out own Fantasy Baseball League. Essentially, CBSports.com has offered those of us who are interested a FREE league (a $179.99 value), if you want to set up your own League at a 50% discount courtesy of CBSSports.com and SB Nation, click HERE. Mr. Quinn and I will be starting our own league and discussing the rules, set up, draft, etc. in a series of posts over the next month...If you aren't among those who joined in on that league (we'll sort that out in the COMMENTS), CBSSports.com is offering half-off any leagues you might want to start yourselves (using this link) or the one above.

Interested? Let us know in the COMMENTS!!! More info after the JUMP...

• CBSSports.com: Fantasy Baseball Commissioner League:

Here's How CBSSports.com is selling their Fantasy Baseball Commissioner League...

• "...the web’s most powerful league manager It won 8 out of 9 Fantasy Sports Trade Association Awards for "Best Fantasy Baseball Commissioner League Management Product".

• You can customize the entire league the way you want (rules, scores, teams), LIVE scoring & stats so you can follow along as your teams rack up points.

• Keeper league capability to carry on the tradition for many seasons to come.

• Expert analysis provides up-to-date information on all players & teams.

• Live chat/league messenger to trash talk with your competition.

• 14-Day Free Trial included (for any new leagues created)

-- I set up the Federal Baseball League, but the stats we use, the format and the date and the time of the Draft can be changed to whatever we all agree upon, I know Mr. Quinn and several of you have already discussed this. This league will go throughout the year, with periodic updates on Federal Baseball so you can show off your fantasy management style, and you can, of course, expect something for winning this league...I don't know what yet, ok...

• Judging from the response to Mr. Quinn's fantasy league, I know there was some interest and I'm hoping some of you will take advantage of this offer to join the FB League or start your league own using our discounted offer, so I thought I would share this with all of you... Summing up, John and I are looking to recruit 9 other teams to play for FREE. I'm looking for teams who really do want to play and will be active during the year, and won't be afraid to offer their unbiased opinion about the CBSSports.com platform in the posts this season...

We can't all draft Strasburg, but we'll see who takes him first and see if they have the patience to hold him on their bench...

Here's the deal: Entries we'll pick the 9 teams, let us know of your interest below in the comments by Sunday, March 7 at midnight. Any and everyone is welcome to play, let us know in the comments section.

NOTE: If you are interested in starting your own league, CBSSports.com has offered half-off using this link. That takes the price down to $89.99 a league for anyone who reads about it here and uses it, which works out to less than $8 a person for a 12-team league of your own. You have to use that link to get the discount from SB Nation.

So how about it?

• CBSSports.com is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation baseball communities. This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts related to the CBSSports.com Fantasy Baseball Commissioner League.

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