Nationals News: 4-5 Against the Phillies and Mets? Yes Please! Edition

WASHINGTON - APRIL 08: Matt Capps #55 of the Washington Nationals celebrates after the final out in a 6-5 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies at Nationals Park on April 8, 2010 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

  The Nats may not have a winning record, but they have shown that when they're playing well, they aren't out of a game until the end of the ninth. In yesterday's game, Adam Dunn got his first homer of the young season, Ryan Zimmerman hit his first pinch-hit home run, and Matt Capps earned his first multi-inning save. There is a lot to build on, and I'm really excited about the way this season has gone so far.

Nationals News

  Mark Zuckerman said yesterday's win "might have been as impressive a win as Washington will pull off all season." Even Phillies manager Charlie Manuel likes these Nats more than last year's, saying that if they get their pitching together "they've got a good chance of winning some games."

  In last night's game, Jim Riggleman had Tyler Clippard intentionally walk his first batter, instead of leaving Scott Olsen in to do so, which may have thrown Clippard off. Olsen was surprised to be back in the majors this quickly, but was able to capitalize on his opportunity and likely pitched well enough to earn himself another start.

  The Nats have their work cut out for them on this coming home stand, playing two teams that were in the playoffs last year.

  The Nats' bats are starting to come around, and if the other offensive stats (their 44 walks is second in the NL) remain constant, they may end up having a better offense than last year.

  Matt Capps is four of four in save attempts, but has pitched to a WHIP of 1.94. His saves are far from guaranteed, but he has managed to get the job done every time he's been asked.

  DC Sport Plus tells the story of how the Nats ended up wearing Virginia Tech hats on the day of the Virginia Tech shooting, three years ago today. A very good read.

  Jason Bergmann was designated for assignment, and the Blue Jays may have some interest. He was the Nationals strikeout leader with 299.

  Garrett Mock was placed on the 15-day DL list, negating his demotion. He has a problem with a cervical disc in his neck.

  Jayson Stark says that the Nats are more likely to trade Adam Dunn before the deadline than sign him to an extension.

  Senators pitching coach Randy Tomlin said that Stephen Strasburg will make a name for himself.

  Though the Nationals don't have many of the same pitchers as last year, the results have been very similar thus far.

  As of yesterday, pitchers opposing the Nationals have a batting average of .412, higher than any position player on the Nats.

  Nats Baseball has a pessimistic (though not unfairly so) piece on the Nats' lack of planning.

  Stephen Strasburg will make his debut at the Senators' stadium today.

Non-Nationals News

  A New Jersey man was accused of intentionally vomiting on an 11-year-old girl at yesterday's Nats/Phillies game. I LOVE PHILLIES FANS.

  Royals outfielder Jose Guillen says that he almost died last year from blood clots in his legs.

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