Nationals News: Apparently, People Hate Us

  Nielson Co. has released a report measuring the "most hated teams" in baseball. The Cleveland Indians are #1, and the Nats are #6!? Really?!

  Baseball Insider has video of Strasburg's most recent start in Harrisburg.

  The Nats are finally winning, but they aren't satisfied. The 2010 season could be something special.

  According to Stan McNeal, two of the ten most surprising players in April are Nationals.

  With Ryan Zimmerman out of the lineup, the Nats haven't been producing too many runs, but with solid pitching and improved defense, they haven't needed to. Yesterday's win ensured the Nats' first winning month since September of 2007.

  Are Adam Dunn's "old player skills" starting to decline? Should the Nats be worried about him?

  The Nats are finally getting the respect they deserve, at least in DC media. Dan Steinberg says the Nats have the happiest fanbase in DC pro sports. Note: this article was written before the Caps horrendous game last night, so it's probably even more true now.

  Tyler Clippard and Matt Capps have been getting a lot of use, causing some concern for Jim Riggleman, but so far both have held up well.

  The Nats have been getting solid production from their starting pitchers, who have posted seven straight quality starts, though two of their five Opening Day rotation members are on the DL.

  Wrigley Field has a pretty small broadcast booth.

  Livan Hernandez is an ace, according to William Yoder.

  Stephen Strasburg is still managing to say all the right things, like that he's "happy where [he is] right now."

  Luis Atilano earned the honor of being Silver Elvis after his 6 IP 2 ER start.

  On this day in 1886, the Nats made their National League debut.

  Matt Capps was almost a Cub.

Around the league...

  It appeared that teams were interested in Elijah Dukes immediately after his release, but MLBTR hasn't seen anything solid since then.

  MLB has made some changes to the All-Star game, including requiring that the DH position be used regardless of ballpark.

  Rays manager Joe Maddon, he of the hooded sweatshirt, has received a hoodie from Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

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