Bryce Harper... The Future of Baseball

From the archives of MVP Sports Talk July 4, 2010

Bryce Harper

 Drafted: #1 overall 2010 MLB Draft, Washington

Pos: Catcher (will probably be converted to OF)

DOB: October 16, 1992

 Height: 6'3

Weight: 205 lbs

Mission: With the help of flamethrowing pitcher Stephen Strasburg turn a Nationals franchise with a history of losing into a World Series Contender. Ever since he was 12 years old in 2005 and Baseball America Listed him as the best hitter in the country in his age group, Major League Baseball Scouts have been drooling over him. Well what does everyone want to ask when they hear this? "Who is this kid?" of course. Well this kid is Bryce Harper, whose legend just kept growing after he graced the cover of Sports Illustrated last June, an accomplishment made even greater by the fact that he was only 16 years old at the time. He can fire the ball at 96 miles an hour, faster than most Big Leaguers can throw, he has amazing baserunning skills and anticipation, but his biggest asset of all is his raw power. When he was just 15 years old and a freshman in high school he smashed a 570 foot tater in a game. Then during his sophmore year he became the first sophmore to be named Baseball America's Player of the year and at a home run derby at the Ray's Tropicana Field he blasted a ball that was still alive and well when it crashed into the dome wall as the longest homer hit at the park a good 502 feet later. He also has the work ethic to make things happen for his career. Instead of staying in high school for his junior and senior years where he would have ended up playing and dominating the same competion he had for years he earned his GED and enrolled at the College of Southern Nevada, a junior college so he could enter the draft this summer. In the draft, as everyone expected, the Washington Nationals chose the 17 year old Bryce with the #1 overall pick and for the second straight year they have to deal with the relentless Scott Boras, arguably the best agent in baseball. Both Bryce and the Nationals want to get him signed quickly so they could get him on the field to show his talents, bring in money for the Minor League Clubs, and to continue his rise because as everyone knows in baseball, no one is a sure thing.

-Andrew F


From the archives of my blog.  Check us out at MVP Sports Talk

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