Wire Taps: Midday Edition - Andre Dawson & Washington Nationals' Matt Capps, Cristian Guzman, Adam Dunn.


As announced by@NatsTownNews earlier this afternoon:

"#Nationals will recognize career of baseball’s newest Hall of Famer, Montreal Expos OF Andre Dawson, on August 10 as Nationals host Marlins."

"Dawson is 1 of only 3 players in the HOF with ties to the Nationals/Expos franchise (C Gary Carter and 1B Tony Perez). #Nats"

Thanks, Nats. Means a lot to this fan at least.

• The Big Guzzzzz:

Moments after FOXSports.com's Jon Paul Morosi tweeted (@jonmorosi) that, "One player who should be garnering more interest than he is: Cristian Guzman of the #Nationals. He's hitting .336 vs. LHP this season," Mr. Morosi was back with another message via Twitter which read:

"#Rangers and #Phillies have some interest in Cristian Guzman, a source says. He's played 2B, SS, RF this year."

Don't remind me about the right field experiments, Mr. Morosi.

• The Big RUMBLE:

ESPN.com's Jayson Stark writes this afternoon in an article entitled, "National treasures", that, "...the chances of the Nationals trading Adam Dunn (likely to the White Sox) seem to be increasing," as the deadline approaches and the Nats and Dunn have yet to agree on an extension, but from what Mr. Stark is hearing:

"...the Nationals, in the end, could wind up trading Josh Willingham instead of Dunn. Among the many teams interested in Willingham: Atlanta, Boston and Tampa Bay."

• The Big Middle Of The Order Bat: 

Speaking of Adam Dunn, AOL Fanhouse's Ed Price (@ed_price) had this to say on Twitter today: 

"Some new teams asked about Adam Dunn within past day. Perhaps the same NL West clubs that got in on Podsednik? #Nationals #Padres #Giants."

• The Big Capps:

And then there were the rumors this morning of the Minnesota Twins being interested in adding another Nats' closer to their bullpen to work along side the Wookie, Jon RauchESPN.com's Tim Kurkjian writes in an update at ESPN.com's Rumor Central that the Twins are worried about Rauch and interested in Matt Capps, but as far as Mr. Kurkjian sees it, "Capps isn't going anywhere in part because the Nationals don't have a suitable replacement..." Guess Mr. Kurkjian doesn't think Storen's quite ready yet...

You're all caught up on the rumors...oh, and according to ESPN.com's Rumor Central...Dunn's looking more and more like he will be traded...that's their opinion at least...Strasburg tonight.

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