Nationals Daily Evolutions 9/23/10

Let's start off with the big news of the day. Stan Kasten might be fed up with the Lerners' cheap ways* and be ready to bolt. --Thomas Boswell in The Washington Post

*I really have no idea what the Lerners' ways are. It all seems to be hearsay and rumor as to if they are willing to spend money or not. 

The real important issue is that there was a game last night and the Nationals won with a little help from rookie Danny Espinosa. --Dave Nichols from

Espinosa knew he was in a slump, but he also never worried that he wouldn't come out of it. --Mark Zuckerman at

Drew Storen wasn't available to pitch yesterday, but the Nationals bullpen depth came through and perserved a win. --Ben Goessling from

After taking a pitch off the hand Adam Dunn had to leave the game, but still might play today. --Adam Kilgore from

A losing baseball season is like a long boring car ride home from a good vacation. I finally write down the first draft of the introduction to the book I am going to write next season. --Me from 'Til Death do us Part

More on the Nationals and baseball after the jump.

Nationals expected to announce Riggleman staying on as manager for 2011 later this week. --Bill Ladson from

Bryce Harper lists a few of his favorite things, and many of them are not popular. --Dan Steinberg in The DC Sports Bog

Some in the Nats organization don't believe still don't believe Morse is an everyday player, but he has done pretty well since the Willingham injury forced him into the everyday line-up. --Adam Kilgore at

All of the Nationals affiliates are set after they renewed their contract with Hagerstown. --Adam Kilgore at

Remember when Nyjer Morgan's nickname for the Nationals was the Track Nats. Well, they have continued to run and the numbers might look even better next year if Nyjer improves or doesn't return. --Ben Goessling from

Peaches has had a pretty good season and the other night he capped it off by pulling off the rare 100K/10W feat. --Mark Zuckerman from    

Around the NL East

The Mets should hire a manager that is exciting and cares, but they won't, and will instead settle for Bob Melvin. --Jeff Pearlman at

General Baseball

Jose Bautista has had quite the season. At this point it isn't certain whether he is a late bloomer or Brady Anderson. --Joe Posnanski from

That is all for today. As always I hope you enjoyed, and hopefully the Nationals can win this series today and get some momentum for the Braves series.   

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