Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/14/11

Anyone hoping for a steady line-up is going to have to keep hoping, because Jim Riggleman is already dreaming of ways to mix it up. --Byron Kerr from

Hopefully with the news that Willie Harris won't be returning any ideas of double switches that leave the pitcher batting 4th ended. --Adam Kilgore at 

With Orioles reliever Alfredo Simon involved in a shooting in the Dominican Republic it is important to understand the gun culture of the island and what troubles it can cause for major leaguers and future major leaguers. --Jeff Passan at

Jayson Werth has made a career of proving people wrong, and now with a contract that has him labled as one of the most overrated and overpaid players in the majors he is going to have to do it again. --Danny Wild from 

The Nats are still trying to add more pitching and Chris Young is the current target. --Mac at

And Chris Young might be a better option than Jeremy Bonderman. --Phil Wood from

With all these claims by Strasburg that he is in the best shape of his life and the new that he plans to begin throwing off a mound in three to four weeks it got me curious. --Bill Ladson at       

So I looked up when Jordan Zimmermann started throwing off a mound. At the time of this March 4, 2010 article it was still reported to be a month away*. --Adam Kilgore from 

*No one should start getting their hopes up that Strasburg is this far ahead of schedule, but the slim chance that we will see Strasburg in 2011 is looking more and more likely.

For those of you going to Spring Training* here is a guide--Ben Goessling from 

*I also personally recommend trying out Padrinos in Orlando if you happen to find yourself up that way.

At least two high school football teams have been discovered to use curly W's on their helmets. --Dan Steinberg in The D.C. Sports Bog

Your mortal diseases can't keep Frank Robinson down. --Adam Kilgore at

Around the NL East

The one thing I would be willing to bet on every year is that at least one team no one predicted to be in the playoffs will be in the playoffs. Angel Pagan thinks if everyone is healthy that it could be the Mets, and good for him. We can sit here on the Internet and judge all these teams from afar and pick our favorites, but does any fan want to here that the players have given up on the season before it even begins? --Craig Calcaterra at   

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