Nationals Daily Evolutions 1/31/11

WASHINGTON - JUNE 08: Stephen Strasburg #37 of the Washington Nationals pitches against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Nationals Park on June 8, 2010 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

Stephen Strasburg is not just trying to rehab from TJS, but also to quite using smoke-less tobacco. --Adam Kilgore at

And for those not interested in the Pro-Bowl or Royal Rumble last night Strasburg's debut was re-aired by MASN, and it reminded some that baseball is about the memories. --William Yoder from

As far as the other Nat's phenom goes he says he wants a September call-up, and while many feel this is unlikely he aims to prove them wrong*. --Ben Goessling at

*One quality of a true superstar is to back up their boasts. Bryce Harper has for the first time stated a goal, and from what we have seen from him so far he is oozing with superstar qualities.

There was also actual baseball news yesterday as the Nationals tried and failed to sign Justin Duchscherer. Who signed with the Orioles because he believes he is more likely to pitch near the top of their rotation*. --Bill Ladson at

*From the sound of things Justin Duchscherer has more faith in the Nationals rotation than most Nationals fans.      

Former Nationals are not a hot commodity this winter. Well except for the more recently former Nationals. --Ben Goessling from

The one thing that should be clear to anyone following the Nationals is that Mike Rizzo has a very different philosophy of team building than Jim Bowden, and when players are looked at by which GM acquired them then it is even more evident that this is Rizzo's team. --Mark Zuckerman at  

Most people feel that Livan is likely to regress in 2011, but if it weren't for him then the Nationals wouldn't have even had one starter that pitched 200 innings in 2010. --Jayson Stark from

The Potomac Nationals had their Hot Stove Banquet this past weekend and among the highlights was Matt LeCroy reminiscing about making Frank Robinson cry. --Byron Kerr at

Around the NL East

The good news for Mets fans is that Citi Field will host the 2013 All-Star game. --Jon Heyman at

Bad news is the Wilpons are trying to sell part of the team in order to keep the team functioning. --Craig Calcaterra from

And even worse news is that the Mets trouble might have a lot to do with Bernie Madoff. --Maury Brown at

General Baseball

These Angels in the outfield are old and overpaid. --Joe Posnanski from     


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