Free Agency: If I Was The GM

I have compiled a list of the Top 10 people I think would be a good fit. And in advance, Washington does have the money for this, they are spending.

#1 - Prince Feilder:

We need to get this guy, more than pujols, and here is why - He is still very young, in fact he is only 28. He is extremely durable, missing only 13 games since 2006! The best record since 2006! His average stays around .280, ,400 OBP, .600 SLG. He always hits close to 40 hrs and 100 RBI's. And with the fact that we need a first basemen, he will just be PERFECT.

#2 - Albert Pujols:

This would be a backup if we couldn't get Fielder, he gets pretty much the same stats as Fielder, but I have some negatives here. His wanted salary is almost 5 mil more than Prince, and he is 4 years older, witch means 4 years less of prime production.

#3 - Joel Piniero:

Your probably looking at your screen going "whaaaaatt??" Well this man was a #4 starter for the Angels and he was average to below average. The first half of last year he was amazing, with an ERA at 3, but he slowly deteriorated to a 4.5 ERA. My point here is that he has amazing movement on his sinker(witch is his main pitch) and with a little work he could be a 2 or 1 starter.

#4 - Rick Ankiel:

This man would be great for the Nationals, he is a Utility Outfielder and can constantly perform at his age. I would not give him a long term contract because of his age, but he would be great. Cheap too. Thats a key thing to consider.

#5 -  C.J Wilson:

Ok you knew this was coming, but unfortunately it just won't happen. Yes he would be a great fit, but he has already said he has a "serious interest" in the Angels.

#6 - Octavio Dotel:

This guy would be a great releiver, and with the fact that he is a veteran means he could teach some of the new recruits.

#7 -  Vincente Padilla:

I'm not sure if you have seen this guy pitch before but he is very good and underated, definately a good cheap buy.

#8 - Darren Oliver

What can i say? He is one of the best releivers I've ever seen in my life :) Very versatile. Definately must get.

#9 - Rafeal Furcal:

It would be a good idea to get him. Because he can play so many different positions, and he is a great hitter.

#10 - Magglio Ordonez:

This would be a backup-backup for Pujols. If they couldn't get either Prince or Albert. He can perform very well, although I'm sure we can all agree we would prefer Prince or Pujols.

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