Nationals Daily Evolutions 2/1/11

The off-season is nearing its end and soon it will be time to get serious, but before that time comes here is a very good and very fun article about players and their at bat music which of course will lead to the discussion of what your at bat music would be. --Joe Lemire at

The Nationals made a lot of moves in the off-season, but it is still too early to make any sort of predictions on the standings. --Bill Ladson from

Most of the Nationals off-season moves focused on fixing the defense which has been a major problem since the 2006 season. --Mark Zuckerman at

The MLB All-Star game is the only one I can stand to watch, but some people aren't satisfied with it. --Joe Drugan at

If the All-Star game were changed to have a fantasy draft and Jonah Keri and Dave Cameron were made GMs their teams would look like this. --Jonah Keri and Dave Cameron from     

For those of us that don't want to wait until Spring Training for baseball the Caribbean Series will be starting soon and Puerto Rico is hoping to show that they should be considered a power in the baseball world. --Jesse Sanchez at

There is a plan in place for Bryce Harper, but his playing in Hagerstown is not set in stone. --Byron Kerr at

Even if Harper starts at Hagerstown that doesn't gurantee he will be making a stop in Potomac as players have played well enough to jmp levels in the past, and after getting burned with not having Strasburg one would think Potomac would learn not to market players they aren't guranteed to see.  

The Bullpen outdoor bar area across from the Centerfield Gate is expanding.

Much more on this very subject on Thursday, but in order for the Nationals to have success in 2011 the top of the order needs to produce. --Bob Carpenter from

Former Nationals jobber, Mike Bacsik, finds work with the Ft. Worth Cats. --DangerNat at

General Baseball

Bo Jackson was great at a lot of things and baseball was one of them, and Rob Neyer announces he is leaving ESPN. --Rob Neyer at

And this morning Rob Neyer has announced that he has joined SB Nation. --Rob Neyer at

If you know any Red Sox fans out there you might want to ask them today what hormonal satisfaction is. --Craig Calcaterra from

Human beings love round numbers and to us it is better to be a .300 hitter than a .299 hitter even if it isn't statistically significant. --Tobias J. Moskowitz and L. Jon Wertheim at       

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