Nationals Daily Evolutions for Thursday, February 17

Spring Training round-ups from the folks on the beat

-- Kilgore (and the great Jonathan Newton) displays Roger "The Shark" Bernadina's gunz, talks to Ivan Rodriguez about being a mentor to Jesus Flores and Wilson Ramos but insists he's still got "a lot in my game", and takes a look to see if Livan can do it again.

-- Zuckerman reports that Luis Atilano was DFA'd and three others delayed with visa problems, gives his spin on Livo as opening day starter,  and lays out the schedule for today's workouts.

-- Goessling combines all the Pudge and Livo talk into one post, discusses Jordan Zimmermann's rehab and anxiousness for the new season, and answers the question of "Why does Todd Coffey sprint to the mound from the bullpen?"

 Around the Natosphere:

Nationals Arm Race looks at Potomac's 2010 Season in Review.

Nationals Inquisition is happy and let down all at the same time about Stephen Strasburg's ST debut.

Nationals Review looks at Bernadina's projections, not just at his manly physique.

Nats Nations wishes Derek Norris happy birthday as only he can.  But who is this DeNo guy?  Some new rapper?

Fangraphs:  Audio with Nats farmhand Matt Antonelliballer, blogger.

A few national baseball links after the jump...

Miguel Cabrera's demons have surfaced again, and it's a shame.

RRRIIINGGG!  Hello, Alex Anthopoulous?  Yeah, it's Brady Anderson.  Ever heard of me?

Fangraphs says the Jose Bautista deal has a pretty good chance of being worth the money.  I say it makes the Adam Dunn deal look good and the Jayson Werth deal, well, that still looks terrible.

Fangraphs also does a little crowd-sourcing on how much learned baseball fans would pay for Albert Pujols.'s Sweet Spot breaks down the Rickie Weeks deal.

Buster Olney's daily (with lots of general baseball links), where he discusses Pujols and officially throws DC's hat into the ring, whether they actually want to be there or not:

The Washington Nationals angered other teams with their signing of Jayson Werth, but if they signed Pujols -- and had a team of Ryan Zimmerman, Stephen Strasburg, Bryce Harper, Drew Storenand Werth -- they would officially be at the table with the big boys, and would become part of the buzz on Capitol Hill.
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