Down memory lane: Short quiz #1 for Washington Senator fans

I thought it might be fun, especially for older fans of Washington baseball to recall some of the interesting events and players from the late 1950s to early 1970s, when the expansion Senators left for Texas. I did not use any source material for these questions, so inaccuracies are possible. These just popped into my head as I recalled  these past teams. As bad as most of the Senator teams were in this era (I recall only 2 winning teams from 1958 to 1972), there are many fond memories. The quiz questions (no peeking at the answers that follow):

  1. Who was the very short guy (5 ft, 6 in. I think) who won Rookie of the Year for the Senators in the late 1950s?
  2. What 'original' Senators Cuban born pitcher challenged Micky Mantle to a foot race?
  3. In the late 1950s what were the Fearsome Foursome known for and who were they?
  4. Who was the manager of the best Senators team (expansioin team that went to Texas)?
  5. What Senator pitcher owns the major league strikeout record in a single game?
  6. What Senator hit a home run in 6 consecutive games (might have been only 5)?
  7. A subjective question: What expansion team Senator left handed reliever pitcher was almost unhittable for left-handed hitters for several years in his prime?
  8. Who was the extremely streaky hitting outfielder (mostly played CF if memory serves) that once broke up a no hitter in the bottom of the eighth inning AND won the game (against White Sox pitcher Joel Horlan) 2-1?
  9. Who played right field for the expansion Senators over several years that was known to have a very strong arm AND once hit for the cycle?
  10. Name one expansion Senator who hits three home runs in a game?

Give my quiz a shot by not looking on the Internet and of course, not  looking at the answers set several lines below. Report how many you got correct. A perfect score is 14 since #3 has 5 answers. Have fun and feel free to add comments, especially if you have your own memory of the players and events in these questions.


  1. Albie Pearson (Note: I was once at a game when he hit a three run inside-the-park HR in the deep crevice area of CF in Griffith Stadium)
  2. Pedro Ramos (He also used to give up a lot of HRs)
  3. Hitting home runs: Harmon Killebrew, Jim Lemon, Bob Allison, Roy Sievers (two young guys and two vets.)
  4. Ted Williams (he even got very light hitting Ed Brinkman to hit over .270)
  5. John Cheney (21 Ks in 16 innings; can you believe he threw that many pitches, and effectively?)
  6. Frank Howard (In the game that the streak ended he hit a line shot off the top of the fence at Tiger Stadium--I remember the announcer shouting "Oh Shucks" when it feel short of a HR)
  7. Darrold Knowles (He made even very good leftty hitters look silly flailing at his curve ball)
  8. Don Lock (When he was hot it seemed he hit everything hard. The night he broke up the no-hitter I believe he hit the HR in the upper deck at RFK)
  9. Jim King (he was built a little bit like Micky Lolich, somehat over weight, but he had quite an arm)
  10. Jim King (had an extreme open batting stance), Mike Epstein (first basemen and one of the few Jewish players ever on any Senators teams; others hitting three I do not recall)


 OK, how many points did you score. Any number over 7 is pretty good---this is not an easy quiz and is not multiple choice.

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