My 2012 MiLB roster predictions

First off, let me note that these predictions are being made using only the guys we currently have in house.  I will probably post another set of predictions after I find out who is retiring, who we signed, and who we let go.  Also I would like to note that you will not see the guys listed below anywhere, that is because I see them possibly getting a spot with the big team, or getting cut/sent to XST(Much like Tanner Roark last year).  If you want to know more about any of the players in this post, LMK and I will do my best to answer your question.  The guys that will not appear on a team in this post are

Lee Hyde, Atahualpa Severino, Craig Stammen, Michael Aubrey, Gregor Blanco, Chris Curran, Jee Frazier, Evan Bronson, Pat McCoy, Garrett Mock, Jimmy Barthmier, Brett Newsome, Randolph Obuder, Brian Peacock, Shane McCatty, Luis Atilano, Carlos Martinez, Orliver Perez, Adam Fox, Chris McConnell, Rob Wort, Jose Lozada, Francisco Soriano, Sam Brown, Wilson Euesbio, Bobby Hanson, Gregory Holt, and Christopher McKenzie  Thanks for reading!


Syracuse Chiefs


Erik Arnesen 27
Rafael Martin 27
Shairon Martis FA 24
Cory VanAllen 26
Brad Meyers 26
Yunesky Maya 30
Ryan Tatusko 26
Zech Zinicola 27
J.D. Martin 28
Jeff Mandel 26
Brad Peacock 23


Tyler Moore 24
Tim Pahuta FA 28
Chris Marrero 23
Steve Lombardozzi 23
Matt Antonelli FA 26
Tug Hulett FA 28


Archie Gilbert FA 28
Erik Komatsu 23
Corey Brown 25
Chris Rahl FA 27
Jesus Valdez FA 26


Jhonathan Solano 26
Carlos Maldonado FA 32


Harrisburg Senators


Pat Lehman 24
Christian Garcia FA 26
Joe Testa 25
Sammy Solis 23
Hector Nelo FA 24
Marcos Frias 22
Josh Smoker 22
Matt Purke 21
Tanner Roark 24
Danny Rosenbaum 23
Hassan Pena 26
Adam Olbrychowski 25


Justin Bloxom 23
Jeff Kobernus 23
Josh Johnson FA 25
Stephen King 23
Anthony Rendon 21


Destin Hood 21
Eury Perez 21
Bryce Harper 18
Jonathan Tucker FA 28
Leonard Davis FA 27


Devin Ivany FA 29
Derek Norris 22
Sandy Leon 22


Potomac Nationals


Paul Applebee 23
A.J. Cole 19
Ryan Demmin 23
Ben Graham 23
Taylor Jordan 22
Robbie Ray 19
Matt Swynenberg 22
Paul Demny 22
Neil Holland 23
Cameron Selik 24
Mitchell Clegg 24
Alex Meyer 21


Justin Cuevas 22
Blake Kelso 22
Jason Martinson 22
Cutter Dykstra 22
Rich Hague 23
Zachary Walters 22
Steven Souza 22


Kevin Keyes 22
Michael Taylor 20
J.R. Higley 23
J.P. Ramirez 21


David Freitas 22
Adrian Nieto 21


Hagerstown Suns


Colin Bates 23
Wirikin Estevez 19
Nathan Karns 23
Manny Rodriguez 22
Brian Dupra 22
Taylor Hill 22
Chad Jenkins 23
Kelvin Lopez 21
Manuel Rivera 24
Jack McGeary 22
Matt Grace 22
Ben Hawkins 21


Carlos Alvarez 25
Hendry Jimenez 21
Russell Moldenhauer 24
Bryce Ortega 23
Matthew Skole 22
Adrian Sanchez 21


Justin Miller 22
Caleb Ramsey 22
Wade Moore 23
Angelberth Montilla 22
Brian Goodwin 20


Cole Leonida 22
Sam Palace 25


Please let me know your thoughts, and please feel free to ask why I chose to put someone at Potomac, over someone else.  If you want more info on a guy listed, I will tell you all that I know about him.  Thanks for reading!

Update 1: I went through and tried to figure out who is going to be a FA after the season, and added that by their names.  I will try and go in and add current age, average age per team, and rankings by different people, and other various info throught the thread.  Thanks once again for reading  The guys not on a roster that are FA's are

Garrett Mock, Jimmy Barthmier, Brian Peacock, Gregor Blanco, Jeff Frazier, Michael Aubrey, Luis Atilano, Carlos Martinez, Oliver Perez, Miguel Perez, Adam Fox, Chris McConnell, and Buck Coats


Now, how did I come up with these rosters?  The two main things I looked at were age, and stats.  I have not seen most of these guys play, so I couldn't go by that.  The guys not on rosters are guys that I think will not be back in the organization next year, or they will start the year in XST(see Roark, Tanner), as there is not a space for them on the current roster.  for most of the OG's, you can pretty much switch them out with unkown MiLB FA, but im not going to try and predict who Rizzo will sign, and I know a little but about these guys.


Average ages for the leagues

International- 26.6

Eastern- 24.4

Carolina- 22.8

South Atlantic- 21.7


The projected is

Syracuse- 26.76

Harrisburg- 24.08

Potomac- 22.48

Hagerstown- 22.92


Here is Stickles guidelines for age, and what is considered "old"

AAA: Typical Age range is 23-24. Age 25 depends. 26+ is old
AA: 22-23. 24 depends. 25+ is old
High-A: 20-22. 23 depends. 24+ is old
Low-A: 19-21. 22 depends. 23+ is old
Short-A: 19-20. 21/22 for draft year guys only. 22+ is old
GCL: 17-19. 20 for draft year guys only. 21+ is old

Huge shout out to Sue Dinem at, without him this entire post would not have happened.

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