Scouting Reports for Top Nationals Prospects

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1. Anthony Rendon (3B)

Very few right-handed hitters have a beautiful swing, but Anthony Rendon is an exception. His setup is quiet; gently sliding his hands back into his load before exploding the bat through the zone. His swing is compact giving his bat maximum contact ability as it travels through the zone. It’s a plus hit-tool , with future plus power potential. However, it’s hard to perform when you’re constantly sitting on the DL.

When you talk about Anthony Rendon, you have to talk about his injury history. He had both shoulder and ankle injuries in college that limited his ability to play at a high-level. His ankle injury had lasting effects as he lost some of his speed and now is considered an average runner. Seemingly fully healthy, he fractured his ankle (his other ankle) in the second game of his professional career and missed most of the 2012 season. Some will say the injuries were freak in nature, but at what point do you start labeling him as injury-prone?

The other question that has surfaced with Rendon is where he will play? First, Rendon is an above-average third baseman with gold-glove potential. However, Ryan Zimmerman plays that position in Washington and is signed through the end of the century. There has been a lot of discussion about moving Rendon to second, but I don’t believe he has the quickness to play the position. Furthermore, do you want to put a guy who has a history of injuries at one of the most physically demanding positions on the diamond?

As I look back through what I’ve written about Rendon in this profile, it might appear that I’m not high on him. Actually, I’m not only high on Rendon, I think he has a chance to be a future star. The swing will play, the power will come, and the defensive position will work itself out; and this might all happen in 2013.

Fantasy Impact: If Rendon would have played a full season in 2012, I believe he would have been a top 10 prospect in all of baseball. However, you have to factor in his injury history and move him down the list. That said, if I’m drafting in a Dynasty League, I’m all in on Rendon and taking him earlier than most.

2. Brian Goodwin (OF)

3. Alex Meyer (RHP)

4. Lucas Giolito (RHP)

5. Matt Skole (3B/1B)

6. Michael Taylor (OF)

7. Nathan Karns (RHP)

8. Eury Perez (OF)

9. Chris Marrero (1B)

10. Sammy Solis (LHP)

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