11-27-1992 Game #156 of 162: The Kid Comes Through!

Win Probability Chart (Courtesy of Stolen from Baseball-Reference)


  • CLEAN CUT, QUALITY START! Kent Bottenfield notched six solid innings (3 hits, 1 walk) and attributed 33.2% WPA earning the first big league W of his career
  • THE GOAT! Mark Grace (-21% WPA) was horrific, stranding 5 runners on base, 3 in scoring position and was seen practising colour commentary in the dugout
  • MAN OF ARM! Larry Walker picked up an Outfield Assist hitting Brent Barberie who relayed to Sean Berry nabbing Andre Dawson trying to stretch two bags into three
  • THE COOKIE MONSTER! Mel Rojas picked up the win by stranding 2 Cubs runners on base in the 7th, it was also Rojas' finest season (68 G, 100.2 IP, 1.43 ERA, 7 W, 10 SV, 13 HLD)
  • THE KID'S CURTAIN CALL! Carter's Double was +26% and put Carter at +20.7% WPA for the game high offensively (much to the delight of 41,802 crazed fanatics)
  • THE CLOSER! John Wetteland registered the 4-out save inheriting two runners (thanks Jeff Fassero 0.009%) entering the 8th on a Riggleman-esque Double Switch adding 24.7% to the team's victory

God Bless Gary Carter, may he find eternal rest and may his Family receive countless blessings in return for the happiness Gary Carter brought so many fans. The found memories of childhood came flooding back to me today seeing this video from 1992. I haven't been able to sleep a wink because I'm reliving the 1992 season, and feel like a kid again. Ironic that seeing a video of a player nicknamed the Kid has me feeling like one all over again, isn't it? No, not at all, I agree.

I remember the summer of 1992 fondly, especially the three days in late July the Expos were tied with the Pirates for 1st place in the NL East (it was unthinkable at the time!). I was spending two weeks with relatives and all were excited because the Blue Jays were heading straight towards Immortality. It was the first time Montreal versus Toronto felt like a real possibility in the World Series (and I can't forget 1993 when the Expos were trailing the Phillies by 14.5 games in Mid-August to finish 3 games back). Reading the sports section every morning those three days in July felt fantastic. I remember the smile on my Uncle's face when he showed me the Expos were tied with the Pirates (heck, I remember the smell of the newspaper). He was happy for me as much as he was happy for the Blue Jays controlling the AL East. While the season didn't end the way I had hoped, I still remember how awesome baseball was to me that summer.

While I do remember Gary Carter's last game in baseball (we had WGN at home thankfully), I was not old enough nor nostalgic enough to truly appreciate what Carter meant to the city of Montreal and it's fans. I had resentment that the Expos brought Carter back for the sake of the fans and not to improve the team. Plus, I had a brewing hatred for the Mets and I knew Carter as a Met more than anything. While I didn't appreciate the moment as authentically as I could have, Carter still influenced my passion for baseball. I had loved the Expos dearly, and Carter was loved more by the fans than I my love for the Expos (trivial and childish, I know). Now that I've grown older, and wiser (not to be confused with smart), I can truly appreciate the moment for what it was. The Kid coming home and ending his career in perfect fashion.

Rest In Peace Gary Carter, soul of New York and les courer de (the heart of) Montreal.
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