Q1 Thoughts...

Hello my friends... My natitude has been on fire lately... mmmmm.... been meaning to write this post... Just wanted to share some of my uninformed thoughts and also pose a few fun questions... To date this season has been a real treat.. great team, great players, and also a great response to all of the injuries..

Pitching.. . Has been awesome, 1 - 4 has been super solid and we have lots of options for a fifth.. Strasburg is doing his thing, Gio has been lights out, Zimmermann is hard luck, and E-Jax just throws hard.. Liked Detwiler early and thinks he has a future and I'm also a Wang fan.. Lannan to me is the overweight guy that we can all relate to..

Laroche: He's proved me wrong - I was flat out one of the most diabolical LaRoche haters of all time.. I was praying to god all off season that we'd do something , sign someone, anything so that LaRoche was not to be counted on.. well well well.. I was wrong, it's wonderful, and every day I feel like LaRoche is just stickin it to me .. yay!

Espinosa: Really getting things going now.. Strong defense .. Slow start hitting but I hope he's now turned it around..l

Desmond: The growth and development are there along with some new found power... Great to see him respond and also find himself a place in the order (First and now fifth)..

Zim: FoF / Awesome / Little banged up / he's back! What can you say about this guy - he is the man!

Harper: Living up to all the hype, plays the game with true gusto, and is on his way to the RotY, doing whatever he wants, and being a gigantic bigger than life monstar!

Ankiel: So happy we signed him, a few of those throws he made this year blew my mind, know he doesn't hit super but just an exciting guy

Lombardozzi: Huge plus, can play practically any position, and is just a ballplayer.. love this guy and the way he always finds a way to make plays and get on the field!

Michael Morse: Back! Can't wait for Hammer time / beast mode / .38 special / what's next? to pick up his 2011 pace and just crank it!

Chad Tracy: What a pinch hitter / backup! Goon squad son! Wish his groin wasn't so durn creaky

Bernadina: Sharkadina may be one of the best nicknames on the team / seems pretty reasonable over the last few weeks and has gotten some hits

Werth: Having a great bounceback year until the wrist went down.. love the fact that he is a real winner who demands winning from all.. great attitude (ahem) natitude for all!

Ramos / Flores: Ramos pretty good til he went down, get to hear how awesome he calls games virtually every game... Injury is beat but awesome that Flores gets to do work every day now..

Relief Pitching: Clip started slow, Burnett is solid, liking Stammen more now, but geez poor Henry(!) just crapping all over.. it's painful.. hope he can keep his head and make it at some point.. can't wait for Storen..

So there are some random thoughts.. some questions for you my friends!

1. - Will the pitching hold out (Can they maintain this level of performance throughout the year)?

2. - Who is your starting 8 in the field when everyone is healthy?

3. - Who makes the All Star team from the mighty Nats?

4. - Will we make the playoffs?

5. - Will Davey be back next year?

6. - Who is your favorite Nat?


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