Gauging Interest In David Price: Talking Nationals & Rays With

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One of the writers from the SB Nation's Tampa Bay Rays site,, emailed to ask what the Washington Nationals might be willing to trade in return for 28-year-old left-hander David Price if the Rays do in fact decide to trade the pitcher.

Daniel Russell from the SB Nation's site is in the process of reaching out to writers covering teams around the league that might be potential suitors for Tampa Bay lefty David Price should the Rays decide to trade the Cy Young Award-winning six-year veteran. The first question the D-Rays Bay writer asked was a simple one:

DRaysBay: "Do you want your team to acquire David Price?"

But it's never a simple yes/no answer with those long-winded Federal Baseball writers...

Federal Baseball: "I'm on the fence here. Nats' GM Mike Rizzo has stated publicly that with Stephen Strasburg, Gio Gonzalez, Jordan Zimmermann and a healthy Ross Detwiler plus one of either Taylor Jordan, Tanner Roark or maybe a longer shot like Nathan Karns filling in the fifth spot, he thinks there is enough pitching in the organization for 2014. He's also said that he thinks the system has recovered enough from recent deals to once again trade for what they need if something comes up this winter.

"Having watched a few too many Ross Ohlendorf starts this past season, and with the health issues Detwiler has dealt with in the past, I'm not sure I'm as comfortable as Rizzo is (at least publicly) with the in-house options. The idea of adding a David Price is obviously appealing, giving the Nats a top 4 that would be truly intimidating, but with Strasburg, Bryce Harper, Jordan Zimmermann and Ian Desmond in line for big deals in the near future and Jayson Werth and Ryan Zimmerman already locked up in long-term/big $ deals, I'm not sure adding someone like Price makes sense since you would likely only give up what it would take to get him if you thought you could lock him up to a long-term deal. You'd have a strong rotation locked up for the next for years, but a lot of $100M+ commitments on the roster.

"I'd expect the Nationals or any team that thinks it's close to contention to pursue him if he is made available, just not sure if it makes sense for the Nats. On a strictly personal level, watching Strasburg, Gonzalez, Zimmermann and Price and whichever pitcher wins the fifth spot would make for a great season of baseball and a fun Triple-A rotation to follow..."

See What readers thought: Gauging Interest in David Price, Part 5 Comment Section

• After that, we started entertaining some hypotheticals. Check out where that discussion went and what SB Nation writers from the Phillies and Mets had to say about trying to trade for Price:

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