Bryce Harper and Nationals Fandom...from a Cardinal fan

This isn't the reason I am making the post, but it did jog my memory, but let me say that I hope BH will be okay. Man, that was brutal. Besides the fact that I will absolutely pull for Harper to fail against El Birdos, I really do like watching him play, not to mention the human factor of not wanting someone to get hurt, so I do hope he turns out fine.

Anyway, if I may, understanding that as Nats fans your attention is probably on the condition of BH, I wonder if I could ask a question and get some stories and/or feelings? At this point I want to make clear this does not come from a trolling, condescending point of view, but one of genuine curiosity. During the NLDS last year, I saw the lively, packed house in DC. I became curious.

Long story, short, I began to wonder where the Nats fans were, pre-Nats, in allegiance. I have generally assumed former/current Oriole and/or former Bravos fans, perhaps some never-was-a-baseball-fan-until...I am guessing there are some interesting stories to be told. I would be interested in hearing them. Occasionally on VEB, there are posts along the lines of "how did you become a Cards fan" type of thing. I usually enjoy reading those.

I wanted to ask this question of you all just after the NLDS, and asked for advice from the Viva El Birdos community. The general consensus, almost without exception, was, "yeah, maybe wait a bit on that one." As great as that fifth game was for Birdos backers, I can't imagine a more painful, sudden, what-the-hell-just-happened way to lose a playoff series. That was hard-core, flukish (is that a word?), even. The advice was well taken. There were a couple of Nat lurkers on VEB who shared their opinion, but, again, I am guessing there are some interesting stories.

Personally, I am a Cardinal fan from a family of Cardinal fans, going back generations. In fact, I was openly a Cardinal fan, de facto anti-Cub fan, before I fully understood baseball, to say nothing of understanding how MLB works. Maybe that's where my curiosity comes from. I don't know. Doesn't matter.

So, quick recap...I hope Harper is OK, I respect (fear) your team, especially the pitching, but I would find it meaningful to read stories of how people came to back their boys, the Nats, in this case.

I hope this post is taken in the we're-all (mostly)-Americans-spirit in which it is offered.

Go Birdos/get well BH!

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