Frustration Boiling Over

Many of us are frustrated with what we are seeing out of this team. We are now 54 games into the season, a full third of the season and the team is just playing like a bunch of amateurs again.

Before going any further, I will say this about injuries, especially Werth. They are not the reason this team is struggling. With Jayson in the lineup this year, the team is 14-14. In those games, the Nats average 3.4 runs/game. For the entire season, they average 3.5, hardly a difference there and both would rank the team in the bottom 4 in ALL OF BASEBALL. Ramos being out hurts a bit defensively, but Suzuki's offensive numbers are not exactly a big drop off. Harper hasn't missed enough time for me to say his absence has had a major impact on the team's offense.

What is killing the team is the mind boggling decisions being made.

Simply put, Espinosa no longer belongs on a MLB roster. While Lombo's numbers are not breaking any records, they are light years ahead of Espi's. I don't want to hear about Espi's defense being so valuable because if you watch Lombo play 2B, he is also above average, and his stats back that up. It should be a no brainer.

Tyler Moore is a good player to have, in theory, but this is reality, not theory. You can't keep hoping that by putting him in LF every day, he is going to improve his batting average. .144 is .144 and that is just not changing. They call Kobernus up from AAA last week and so far he has gotten one single pinch hitting at-bat. He was hitting .333 and slugging .420 in 43 games with Syracuse. He can fly on the bases and can play 2B and the OF. How can anyone justify not giving him a chance to play at least one full game so far? IT MAKES NO SENSE. Leave him in AAA if you aren't going to use him. Instead, Davey is sitting this kid on the bench where he is rotting away, getting no game action. Will he be a world beater if he plays a few games? Probably not, but we have no way of knowing because Davey refuses to play him.

I get that Davey is loyal to players, has been around forever and has a proven track record of greatness. That is all well and good, but does that mean he gets a free pass when he is making mistakes? I should hope not. Don Mattingly is getting killed in LA right now and yet nobody says anything about Davey. Accountability is necessary in this game and he is as much responsible for this team as anyone. "World Series or bust????" Who says something like that with an unproven roster that has no proven track record. One season of 98 wins and a tragic meltdown in the first round of the playoffs counts for nothing. Bruce Bochy doesn't say stuff like that, he just leads the Giants to multiple World Series wins. Shut up, manage the team and do not put added pressure on a roster with no championship pedigree. The bulls eye on this team was large enough already.

Then we have the offseason moves. Gorzelanny has pitched to a 2.37 ERA in 21 games. Meanwhile they guy we replaced him with, Zach Duke has a 8.10 ERA in only 11 games. Before getting hurt, Burnett has pitched to a 0.93 ERA for the Angels. Don't we wish we had those two guys in DC still?

After the first few weeks of the season, I was killing Dan Haren, but you know what, he has done what few others have been able to do...toughen up and figure it out. Aside from the meltdown in San Diego, his numbers for the month of May are respectable. Especially his last 2 starts. Strasburg has turned it around, Zimmermann (last start aside) is great. Detwiler is the best 5th starter in baseball. Gio is still inconsistent and I believe that the offseason Miami clinic scandal has gotten into his head.

The point is that when your starters collective ERA (3.40) is the 3rd best in all of baseball, you should not be 27-27. They carried the team last year and to expect them to do it this year is ridiculous. The offense needs to be better and as of now, the only way I see that happening is to try some different combinations of guys, sit the duds and give others a chance.

Espinosa .162 BA/.194 OBP/.284 SLG

Bernadina .154 BA/.214 OBP/.269 SLG

Moore .144 BA/.196 OBP/.267 SLG

Tracy .160 BA/ .207 OBP/ .220 SLG

How much longer does this team think it can stand pat and hope that the season turns around? It isn't a few weeks in, it isn't a month in. It is 54 games in to the season. Now they play Atlanta for 3 games in Atlanta. It is entirely possible that by Monday, the team will be 27-30, 8.5 games back of the Braves and possibly in third place.

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