Nats Nightly: Talking About The Nationals' 8-5 Win Over The Phillies; Jayson Werth's 1,000th Hit

Greg Fiume

Jayson Werth was 3 for 5 tonight in the Washington Nationals' 8-5 win over the Philadelphia Phillies and the 34-year-old Nats' outfielder collected his 1,000th career hit on a seventh inning home run that capped off the Nationals' biggest comeback win in over a year.

District Sports Page: "A lot of people around NatsTown are kind of surprised that it was Jayson Werth's 1,000th hit. Seems like he had about 750 of them against the Nationals throughout his career as a Phillie. But good for him, it was nice to see after the game he got the Gatorade bath from [Bryce] Harper and I tweeted earlier tonight, one of the few tweets I got out this evening, that it's a shame that the Nats are wasting Jayson Werth's last good year, but it will really be interesting to see... obviously he has several years left on the very expensive contract and obviously he's the Nats' offensive MVP this season."

Federal Baseball: "Doghouse, the reaction in the park there for Jayson Werth was something pretty exciting. They got a curtain call from him and I assume it was going pretty wild at that point as Werth led what was the biggest comeback in over a year by the Nationals."

FBB's Doghouse: "Yeah, it was pretty much pandemonium at that point. And I should mention that I am sponsored tonight by Corsair Triple Smoke American Malt Whisky. The good stuff for the good win tonight and --"

[ed. note - "Please drink responsibly."]

District Sports Page: "Hey, it's Saturday night, everybody's living it up."

FBB's Doghouse: "When Werth got the home run and they demanded his curtain call, I think most people in the park did not realize it was his 1,000th hit and at that point did not care. They were just so happy to go ahead of the Phillies. It was really like old times, being the underdogs and sort of letting go of all your expectations and just enjoying what the game brought to you and in that sense, even though it's maybe not going to lead to a playoff appearance, I've got to say this great offensive season that we're getting out of Werth isn't really wasted because it's giving up some great baseball to watch. Even if it's only in pieces and there is terrible baseball around it, good baseball like that is never a waste."

District Sports Page: "And it's always fun to beat Philadelphia, regardless of the situation."

FBB's Doghouse: "Amen."


• Watch Werth's 1,000th Hit:

• Werth's 3 for 5 night tonight left him with a .322/.397/.527 line, 10 doubles, 17 HRs, 36 walks and 67 Ks in 85 games and 340 plate appearances.

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