2014 Overs and Unders - What Do You Think?

Based on a 2012 series, and using feedback from a post last year, here are this year's Over/Under propositions.

Below I've posted a number of Nationals-related over-under lines. In addition to your prediction of "over" or "under" please indicate if you think I set a line too high or too low. You can answer any or all. There is a list with just names at the bottom that can be copied as a template.

It's not too late for me to take additional feedback and make edits, but be quick, since I wouldn't want to do that after the first person takes the time to make their prognostications.

I'll try to acknowledge the top 3 prognosticators at season's end.

Without further ado:


Gio Gonzalez - 207 strikeouts

Jordan Zimmermann - 2.94 ERA

Taylor Jordan and Tanner Roark - 25 combined starts

Stephen Strasburg - 200 innings pitched

Ross Detwiler - 120 innings pitched

Entire staff - 2.5 pitchers with 1+ saves

Rafael Soriano - 6 blown saves aka "none-tucks"

Drew Storen - 59 appearances with Nats


Ian Desmond - 45 combined HR/SB

Danny Espinosa - 30 games played with Washington

Bryce Harper - 34 home runs

Adam LaRoche - 81 IRBSGTC (Induced RobBobS GameThread Comments--I decided to keep this in. Not meant to be taken very seriously, though.)

Wilson Ramos - 0.5 stolen bases

Anthony Rendon - .355 OBP

Denard Span - 45 extra-base hits

Jayson Werth - .295 batting average

Ryan Zimmerman - 0.5 games started at 1st base before All Star Break

Tyler Moore - 122 days on the Nationals 40-man roster, starting April 4 (122 days later is July 31)


Matt Williams 3 ejections


1st and a half place in the NL East

89.5 regular season wins

1.5 playoff games (Over means they either win the division or the WC game; under means they either lose the WC game or miss the playoffs)

.500 winning % vs. Braves (They were only 6-13 last year, while going no worse than 11-8 vs. anyone else in the division. Come on Nats!)

Here's that template:


Gonzalez -

Zimmermann -

Jordan/Roark -

Strasburg -

Detweiler -

Staff with saves -

Soriano -

Storen -

Position Players

Desmond -

Espinosa -

Harper -

LaRoche -

Ramos -

Rendon -

Span -

Werth -

Zimmerman -

Moore -


Williams -


Standing -

Wins -

Playoffs -

vs. Braves -

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