2014 MLB Draft: Nationals' top two picks, Erick Fedde and Andrew Suarez, remain unsigned

The Washington Nationals' 2014 1st Round pick, Erick Fedde, remains unsigned with four days remaining until the deadline. - Photo © and courtesy @Nationals on Twitter

The Washington Nationals and Scott Boras have done this before. It probably shouldn't be a surprise that the Nats have yet to sign their 2014 1st Round pick, but the deadline is fast approaching if both sides want to get a deal done.

Though he was obviously disappointed that the torn ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow caused his stock to drop, UNLV right-hander Erick Fedde was excited that he ended up getting drafted by the Washington Nationals 18th overall this past June.

"Early in the year we had him certainly as a Top 10 guy and possibly even higher than that..." -Mike Rizzo on Nats' 2014 1st Round pick Erick Fedde

"I realized I was probably going to take a hit in how high I was going to go," the 21-year-old pitcher told reporters on a conference call after the Draft, "but I'm just ecstatic that the Nationals took me 18th and just excited to be a part of the organization."

Nats' GM Mike Rizzo was asked after the selection if all the deals he and Fedde's advisor, Scott Boras, agreed upon in the past led to a level of comfortability going into the negotiations over what kind of signing bonus the pitcher both Rizzo and Assistant GM and Director of Scouting Kris Kline said was a Top 5-10 pick before the injury would receive.

"Obviously we've dealt with [Scott Boras] several times before," Rizzo said.

"I actually saw his first start of the year at UNLV... I walked out of there thinking that we've got no shot at getting this player because he's a Top 5-type guy." -Kris Kline on scouting Erick Fedde this season

"I wouldn't know if that's a comfort level, just because we're comfortable dealing with each other. We're not sure. We're going to begin the process and see if we can get him signed and get him rehabbing so he can take the next step towards seeing him pitch out here at Nats Park."

According to a report by The Washington Post's Adam Kilgore today, with four days left before the deadline to sign this year's picks, "... there remains doubt about the Nationals’ chances to strike a deal with [Fedde]."

A "person familiar with the negotiations" told the WaPost reporter that they "wouldn't be surprised" if a deal wasn't reached.

The Nationals' top two picks, Fedde and University of Miami lefty Andrew Suarez, remain unsigned with the deadline approaching.

The Nationals have $5,275,700 total to spend on this year's picks. According to the WaPost report, they've already spent, "$1.638 million in signing seven of their top 10 picks."

The recommended slot money for their 1st Round selection is $2,145,600. Kilgore writes that Fedde's side is asking for something closer to $3M.

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