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Jordan Zimmermann named to NL roster for 2014 MLB All Star Game! Anthony Rendon in Final Vote.

Hey, man, you're an all-star. - Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It's official: the Nationals' participant (singular) in the 2014 MLB All Star Game (which is even more totally relevant than ever, Serious You Guys) is Jordan Zimmermann, elected by the players. Rendon made it into the final five.


When Mike Matheny, who managed the 2014 National League Champions, called me up last night to ask who I thought he should take from the Nats for this year's NL All-Star Roster, I had a number of suggestions. "Anthony Rendon is a fantastic talent," I said. "His 3.2 fWAR to date have him on pace for a 6-win season, and right now he's both the second-best 3B in the NL and the best 2B. Heck, that's ninth in the entire NL among position players, just a hair behind Puig and Goldschmidt!"

Warming up, I leaned forward and held the phone closer. "Look, Rafael Soriano is having a terrific year, too, and he's rocking a 1.06 ERA this season before today's scoreless inning with 21 saves in 23 chances. Tyler Clippard has put up 0.9 fWAR so far this season, and Drew Storen has an ERA as good as Sori's, even with today's hiccup."

As this point, Mrs. Doghouse pointed out that I was yelling into a calculator and that it was time to take out the garbage. Anyhow, the Nationals did not have any players elected to the starting roster (which has too much NL Central in it and not enough Mike Stanton) by fan vote this year. You know, there's way too much talking about the AL on this show where they're announcing the rosters. So, yeah, Matheny didn't actually call me.

Is Adam Wainwright wearing silver eyeshadow? Must be the lighting. Anyhow. Jordan Zimmermann will make his second appearance in the All Star Game, rounding out the NL starters with Clayton Kershaw, Wayne-o, Grienke, Cueto, Bumgarner, and Julio Teheran (who is filling in for now-AL-pitcher Jeff Samardzija). No Nats relievers on the team.

Zimmermann has pitched to a 2.79 ERA so far this season. He is 6-4 with a 2.70 FIP (2nd in the NL behind Kershaw) and 91 Ks in 103 2/3 innings pitched over 17 games started, for a total of 2.6 fWAR (third in the NL, a hair ahead of Stephen Strasburg). He was elected to the team by player vote.

Huh. No Rendon in the reserves--I guess with Samardzija traded, Castro had to be on the roster for the Cubs. The Nats get one representative, like the Mets. However, Rendon makes the final five, with Justin Morneau, Anthony Rizzo, Casey McGeehee, and Justin Upton.

Congratulations to Double-N on his second selection! Bring teh ded eyez and mow down some AL hitters. #voteRendon

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