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#VoteRendon: Support Nationals' 2B/3B Anthony Rendon! You know, for kids!

The Nationals all wore #VoteRendon t-shirts in batting practice on Tuesday - Photo © and courtesy @Nationals on Twitter

Washington Nationals' third baseman Anthony Rendon is one of five National Leaguers on the ballot for the Final Vote for the 2014 MLB All-Star Game and though he's not about to promote himself, the humble 24-year-old is getting plenty of support...

Matt Williams was asked for his pitch for Anthony Rendon winning the 2014 MLB All-Star Game's Final Vote after Sunday's game with the Chicago Cubs when it was announced that the Washington Nationals' 24-year-old infielder was one of five players selected for the ballot that decides the final spot on the Nationals League's All-Star roster.

"Anthony Rendon is probably the best player on that team right now... He can flat-out hit... He's the best hitter they've got." -Chipper Jones on Rendon on MLB Network Radio

"I just think he's played really well," Williams said. "The fact that he's in that final grouping says a lot about his season and the way he's played. He's handled himself very well for being a very young player and he certainly deserves consideration, that's for sure."

"Played really well"? "Handled himself very well"? "Deserves consideration"?

C'mon, Matt, you can do better than that.

Williams showed up for Tuesday's pregame press conference in a #VoteRendon t-shirt. That was a good start at improving his pitch...

Rendon's teammates wore the same shirts during batting practice on Tuesday, though the Nats' 2012 1st Round pick decided against donning one himself...

The somewhat press shy Nats' infielder [ed. note - "[Ahem]."] isn't about to stump for himself, but other people are picking up the megaphone or placard or speech balloon to spread the message that voting for Rendon is the right thing to do:

And if you needed a better reason to #VoteRendon than the .284/.330/.491 line, the 131 wRC+, team-leading +3.3 fWAR, 21 doubles, three triples and 13 HRs he's put up so far this season, how about voting for Rendon to keep children from crying?

What's that you say, "But what about the seasons the other Final Vote candidates are having?" There are other candidates? [ed. note - "You did mention five candidates above."] Whatever...

Let's check back in with Matt Williams, who was given another shot at pitching Rendon as a candidate this morning on the MLB Network Radio show "First Pitch."

"'If he doesn’t get on it then I’m going to boycott the All-Star Game,' third baseman Ryan Zimmerman said." - Zimmerman on Rendon via Washington Post writer Adam Kilgore

Will he do a better job this time? He's had three days to prepare some new material...C'mon, MATT!!!

"He's had such a great season," Williams said. "Nobody certainly expected him to do the things that he's doing. But he's a really good player and he's got great numbers to back it up. He's played multiple positions for us, of course, out of need for us this year. But, man, what a good first half he's had. Been probably our most consistent guy, so he's on that final ballot and hopefully we're making the push to get him a lot of votes and get him in."

Uh, better, I guess. One more shot, Matt.

Williams was asked about Rendon being the "glue" of the Nats' lineup as MLB Network Radio host Jim Memolo put it...

"He can hit all over the lineup," Williams said. "I've used him two, I've led him off. If he's at the top of the lineup, his on-base percentage certainly speaks to that. He's stolen some bases this year. He's faster than most people think. Then he can hit lower in the lineup too. He can hit anywhere from seven on up to the RBI spots, in four and five, and his ability to hit the ball over the ballpark I think just dictates he can hit anywhere and he's shown power too. So, all of those things combined allow us to mix and match if we need to, but I think his best spot is two. Hitting second in the lineup is probably his best spot. But, man, it's been really good, it's just been consistent all year long."

I guess that's as good as it's getting. Can you do better? Write a comment below or better yet a FanPost? Did you know there was a section for those on FBB? They're called "FanPosts" yes. Don't mess with me. No really, look on the side of the front page and down a little bit... We'll promote the best to the front page... Oh, and #VOTERENDON RIGHT HERE.

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