Nationals Pitching Daily Briefs (PDB): A Collection

To catch you up on the work Garrett Hooe has been doing this offseason to prepare us all for the pitching analysis he intends to do during the 2013 campaign. A look at the stats and thinking that goes into looking at the Washington Nationals' pitchers as they try to defend the NL East title.

Nationals PDB: Bronson Arroyo, "Crafty" Righty


Bronson Arroyo is a veteran major league pitcher who throws several different pitches, occasionally from different arm angles and velocities. He also attacks the strike zone early with an excellent...

Nats PDB: Shelby Miller's Fastball and Line Drives


Like the NY Mets' Matt Harvey, the St. Louis Cardinals' Shelby Miller is a talented young hurler with a good fastball and curve ball. The Washington Nationals will again face a tough test this...

Friday Night Strikes: Matt Harvey PDB


The New York Mets' Matt Harvey has begun 2013 on a tear, but how sustainable is his performance, and what can the Nats' hitters expect to see in the series opener? A big-time pitcher duel goes down...

Washington Nationals PDB: Braves' Julio Teheran


Julio Teheran is a talented young hurler for the Atlanta Braves who arrived in the Major Leagues with great expectations after earning an enviable minor league track record. He takes on the...

Nationals PDB: The White Sox' Jake Peavy


The Chicago White Sox have a front-line pitcher in Jake Peavy, who last year rebounded from a tough 2011. Peavy features an effective fastball and sinker. While his days as a league-leader in ERA...

Pun-free PDB: Homer Bailey versus the Nats


Homer Bailey has begun to realize the promise the Cincinnati Reds (and others) saw in him. With a high-quality slider and an interesting ability to get leadoff hitters out, Bailey is a formidable...

Opening Day PDB: Breaking Down Marlins' Nolasco


Nolasco's broad repertoire has yielded increasingly fewer strikeouts. He sports modestly consistent peripheral numbers, and has contributed favorably to the Marlins since 2008. However, his stuff...

Jordan Zimmermann and a change you can believe in


In 2012, Jordan Zimmermann largely duplicated his 2011 success. In the final Nationals-oriented Pitching Daily Brief of the pre-season, we look at Zimmermann's prospect pedigree, scouting...

Gio Gonzalez, The Most Wild Thing of All


This Pitching Daily Brief looks at Washington Nationals' pitcher Gio Gonzalez, his performance in 2012, and what we might look for in 2013. In short, Gio saw significant improvement in his...

National Det: Into the Black


How did Ross Detwiler perform in 2012, and what should we look for in 2013? A look at the Washington Nationals' 26-year-old left-hander and what he needs to do to continue improving on his...

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