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Thoughts on 1B and the starting rotation

(I'm reposting this comment I made on one of the recent stories at the suggestion of echigliak.) It doesn’t sound like Dunn is the answer at 1B. I don’t think the Nats wanted to put him there...

The Washington Nationals Are Just Staring At The MLB Hot Stove...Adam Dunn Wants What? Seriously?


Do the Washington Nationals have any loyalty to Chad Cordero? Will Washington break the bank for Adam Dunn? Winter League updates, and another addition to the Strasburg Files.

The Washington Nationals And The MLB Hot Stove...Was MLB.com's Bill Ladson Right About DC And Prince Fielder?


What else is the MLB Hot Stove for but rumor and conjecture, and this post has plenty of both as we examine the possibility of the Washington Nationals trading for Prince Fielder.

The Results Of Federal Baseball.com's Washington Nationals Free Agent Pol-...It Apparently Doesn't Matter...


With the Washington Nationals deciding not to pursue any more free agents this winter, will they turn to trades or just go with the players already on the roster.

Washington Nationals Drop Out Of Free Agent Mix?

MLB.com's Bill Ladson is quoting an anonymous "baseball source" in a new article entitled, "Nats unlikely to sign top free agents", in which Mr. Ladson reports: "It appears the Nationals will not sign any major free agents this offseason. According to a baseball source, they will concentrate on their Minor League system and try to make trades for young players." The "baseball source" tells Mr. Ladson that the secondary targets after Washington failed to woo Mark Teixeira to the nation's capital, Adam Dunn and Orlando Hudson, "...overpriced themselves out of Washington." Whether this is a last minute negotiating tactic or a sincere admission of withdrawal from the market we'll have to wait and see...

The Washington Nationals Don't Get Milton Bradley? Didn't See That Coming...


As one more free agent, Milton Bradley, spurns the Washington Nationals' advances, federalbaseball.com takes a look at what DC should do next to prepare for '09.

Where Will The Washington Nationals' Offense Come From In 2009...42 Days To Find Out...


With 42 days left before Pitchers and Catchers report, the Washington Nationals still haven't added the big bat they've been after all winter.

Washington Nationals' Rumor Mill...PLUS...Baseball America's Top 10 List Is Coming...


A quick look at all the Washington Nationals rumors out there and a preview of the new Baseball America list of the Top 10 Prospects in the Nationals' organization.

The 2009 Season Got Underway For The Washington Nationals Late Last September...


The Washington Nationals continue to pursue Adam Dunn and Orlando Hudson, but they haven't added too much to what was a 102-loss team last season.

Who's In Your '09 Washington Nationals' Outfield?


Who will start in the Washington Nationals' outfield in 2009? Federalbaseball.com takes a look at the three starters who are pencilled in as of now...and asks your opinion...?

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