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Would Nats Be Interested If Don Mattingly Left LA?


LA Dodgers' manager Don Mattingly said he wants to return to manage in Los Angeles if they want him there, but the possibility he might leave had some in D.C. wondering if the Washington Nationals...

Don Mattingly Managing the Nats In 2014? C'mon...


A report today by CBSSports.com's Danny Knobler mentioned the possibility of current Los Angeles Dodgers' manager Don Mattingly potentially succeeding Davey Johnson if Mattingly were dismissed from...

Posada, Mattingly, Rivera, and the Mays '73 Moment


Who wants to see a great player struggle? During this offseason, there has been much speculation as to when Mariano Rivera will choose to retire, something he dropped hints about last season. My...

Curtis Granderson's RBIs


Don Mattingly: the RBI percentage king. (AP) As you know, Curtis Granderson leads the American League in RBIs with 95. Now, RBIs are...


The Yankees have some hard decisions coming up about which numbers to retire. (AP) Andy Pettitte's retirement last week raised an interesting question about the future of the Yankees'...

Hall of Fame Results


By what logic can Roberto Alomar be named on 90 percent of the writers' Hall of Fame ballots while Alan Trammell is named on fewer than 25 percent? (AP) The Hall of Fame results are...

The Pinstriped Hall of Not Quite, Part I


As a sidelight to the Hall of Fame stuff I've been busy writing about at Baseball Prospectus, I've been building upon a suggestion made by Cliff and putting together an all-star team of sorts...

Hall of Fame Hierarchy


Hall of Fame voters can't logically vote for Roberto Alomar or Barry Larkin without also voting for the similarly deserving Alan Trammell. Jay has the Hall of Fame pretty well locked...

Bronx Bombers on the Ballot


Though his time in Pinstripes is secondary to his case, Tim Raines is eminently worthy of election to the Hall of Fame (AP). Most people...

Donnie in the Driver's Seat


A couple weeks back I noted the sad end ex-Yankee skipper Joe Torre appeared headed towards in the City of Angels, and the decreasing likelihood that current Dodgers hitting coach and designated...

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