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Mr. Armstrong, really?


Given the people nominally in charge I'm supposed to believe that Armstrong had no idea what was happening?

DC GM Jim Bowden Resigns, What's Next For The Washington Nationals: What 'They're' Saying...


Who will replace the the departed DC GM Jim Bowden? There are only two names in the papers right now, but neither of those names have come from the Nationals themselves, so who knows?

No Radio Coverage Of Scott Olsen's Debut...


There's no radio coverage of Scott Olsen's debut in a curly W today. Just working on a report on Bowden that'll replace this eventually, but thought I'd put up a NEW POLL so that the DC Faithful...

"I've Become A Distraction." - Jim Bowden Resigns As The Washington Nationals' GM.


Washington Nationals' GM Jim Bowden resigns. This is how it happened...

"I've Become A Distraction..."


FORMER DC GM Jim Bowden announced his resignation this morning with those words, (and a few others), as of now no replacement has been named, but for anyone who's read the coverage of Asst. GM Mike Rizzo in this press this weekend...??? Oh, sure, I step away from my computer for a few hours...This is sooo Washington, DC though, releasing this story on a Sunday morning...more news to follow... You might avoid the printing press this way, but not the blogosphere..thanks to everyone who was on top of this... I guess when I asked at the end of the last post: Who do you expect the Nationals' GM to be on Monday? ...I wasn't too far off...though Team President Stan Kasten says it might take until the end of the week to name a replacement. Here's Nationals' Team President Stan Kasten's response from an Official Press Release. Here's the former DC GM Jim Bowden's parting words courtesy of the Washington Post's Chico Harlan in a Nationals Journal post entitled, "Bowden Statement." NEW POLL Who's Going To Be The Nationals' New GM?

A Special Comment On The Washington Nationals


No one knows what's really going on in the Washington Nationals' Front Office, whether DC GM Jim Bowden will stay or go, and who might be in line to replace him if he leaves...that won't stop us...

Washington Nationals' Crisis: The Last Hours Of The Jim Bowden Era In Washington, DC?


Will DC GM Jim Bowden survive the latest scandal to hit the Washington Nationals during his tenure, or is it time for the Nationals to move on and replace Mr. Bowden once and for all...

Washington Times' Mark Zuckerman on XM's Inside Pitch...


I caught an interview with Washington Times' writer Mark Zuckerman on the XM's MLB Homeplate radio show "Inside Pitch" with Jeff Joyce and Kevin Kennedy, and jotted down a few notes about the conversation: Mark Zuckerman says:(paraphrasing, of course) -- The entire organization is preoccupied with the recent scandal. -- Doesn't think this is going away any time soon. --There is a chance Jim Bowden loses his job. -- The Nationals really need to change the perception of the team. Ownership taking a long look...Even if Bowden didn't do anything wrong... -- Manny Acta? No insinuation of Acta's involvement in any of this, but there's a lot of pressure on everyone in the organization. -- '09 Nationals? The team is healthy, which they were not in '08, a better offense with Dunn, Willingham added...w/out injuries should be a better team, at least doesn't think they'll lose 102 again.

DC GM Jim Bowden Under Investigation?...Can Someone Please Rescue The Washington Nationals?


Washington Nationals' General Manager Jim Bowden is reportedly the subject of a federal investigation into the "skimming" of signing bonuses. Is this the end for Mr. Bowden in DC?

Will they see the task through??


I’ve been on the road the last few days so I apologize for the lack of posting. Louis Johnson met with the NCAA and the Pac-10 in regards to the O.J. Mayo situation this past Monday. I...

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