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The Washington Nationals And The MLB Hot Stove...Was MLB.com's Bill Ladson Right About DC And Prince Fielder?


What else is the MLB Hot Stove for but rumor and conjecture, and this post has plenty of both as we examine the possibility of the Washington Nationals trading for Prince Fielder.

Washington Nationals Drop Out Of Free Agent Mix?

MLB.com's Bill Ladson is quoting an anonymous "baseball source" in a new article entitled, "Nats unlikely to sign top free agents", in which Mr. Ladson reports: "It appears the Nationals will not sign any major free agents this offseason. According to a baseball source, they will concentrate on their Minor League system and try to make trades for young players." The "baseball source" tells Mr. Ladson that the secondary targets after Washington failed to woo Mark Teixeira to the nation's capital, Adam Dunn and Orlando Hudson, "...overpriced themselves out of Washington." Whether this is a last minute negotiating tactic or a sincere admission of withdrawal from the market we'll have to wait and see...

Where Will The Washington Nationals' Offense Come From In 2009...42 Days To Find Out...


With 42 days left before Pitchers and Catchers report, the Washington Nationals still haven't added the big bat they've been after all winter.

The 2009 Season Got Underway For The Washington Nationals Late Last September...


The Washington Nationals continue to pursue Adam Dunn and Orlando Hudson, but they haven't added too much to what was a 102-loss team last season.

Mark Teixeira Turns Down The Washington Nationals In Favor Of The Evil Empire...The New York Yankees.


In the aftermath of the Washington Nationals' failure to sign Mark Teixeira, federalbaseball.com takes a look at what they should do before it's too late...

TEIXEIRA UPDATE - 12/23/08 12:33 am EST - Did The Nationals Just Offer More Money To Mark Teixeira???


The title says it all. MLB.com's Lyle Spencer's article entitled, "Nationals may have upped Teixeira offer" reports that DC might have raised its initial offer of 8-years/$160M to somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-years/$178-$184M, ($22-$23M per?)...with Mr. Spencer also writing that: "What's more, there are indications that the Nationals might be talked into going to nine or even 10 years." What is it going to mean to the DC franchise if Teixeira turns down what is by far the biggest offer? Can Teixeira turn it down? If Washington's actually upped their offer, will anyone else join them? What's it gonna take? And when is it gonna happen already?...

'Twas The Night Before The Night Before Christmas, And Mark Teixeira Had Still Not Accepted or Rejected the Washington Nationals' Generous Offer...


One last look at the Mark Teixeira Free Agent frenzy before the 28-year-old switch-hitting first baseman's self-imposed deadline to sign arrives...

Why Should Mark Teixeira Sign With The Washington Nationals? State Your Case For Tex...


With the news that the Los Angeles Angels have pulled their offer to free agent first baseman Mark Teixeira off of the table, as reported by MLB.com writer Lyle Spencer in an article entitled, "Angels pull out of Teixeira chase", and confirmed by several sources, including ESPN.com's Jerry Crasnick, and LA Times' writer Mike DiGiovanna. (ed. note - "I bet LA says they're still in it tomorrow...")...and with the Washington Nationals still on an ever-dwindling list of teams that have offers on the table for Teixeira, along with the Red Sox, Orioles and Yankees...Should the Nationals just scream, "10-years/$200M!" and send everyone else packing??? Why should Mark Teixeira sign with Washington? State your case...in a FANPOST, which i'll promote to the front page, or here in the Comments section...Who knows, maybe he'll google himself and find someone's argument for the District persuasive...Or, alternately, let the Nationals know why they should back out now before it's too late...There are only three days left until Teixeira's own stated deadline for signing...Let him know what you think!

What Will It Take To Make Baseball Take Washington's Nationals Seriously? or Is The Pursuit Of Mark Teixeira Enough?


What will it take to make the rest of MLB take Washington's Nationals seriously? Is chasing Mark Teixeira enough? Would signing Teixeira do it? Or is just all a big mistake being made in a...

While Washington's Nationals Wait For Mark Teixeira's Decision...


What will the Nationals do if Mark Teixeira signs elsewhere? They might be running out of options the longer they wait to see what the big free agent is going to decide...

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