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Cans of Cornrows: Phillies 6, Nationals 2


Jimmy Rollins continues to hit lazy fly balls, but in 2014 they're being easily caught by fans.

Gio Gonzalez outduels Michael Wacha

In a tight game, the Nationals douse the Cardinals chance at a win due to Gio Gonzalez's stellar pitching.

Intentional walk leads to big inning vs. Mariners


ALMOST DID IT AGAIN The Mariners let the Yankees make it interesting, but a 7-2 deficit in the ninth is too big a mountain to climb, even against a bad Mariners club and a tiring Cliff Lee. At the...

Mr. Wang goes to Washington


It’s not official-official yet, but there’s more than enough evidence to say that Chien-Ming Wang has joined the Nationals. This is a fairly disastrous decision by Mr. Wang, whatever the status of...


A Little Step in Our Get-Along: Phillies-Nationals Game Thread, August 26, 2012

Lonesome cowboy Cliff Lee, out on the prairie, will attempt to stop the wicked Strasburgless Railroad from cutting into his claim.

Bryce is Seeing Some Serious Heat


Check out how Bryce fares among the league's best hitters with regards to average fastball velocity. Ya think veteran pitchers wanna strike this kid out or what?

Take Back the Park (from Phillies fans)


For those Phillies fans living in the Metro DC area, here is a great opportunity to get good Phillies @ Nationals tickets for a discount! You can register for the deal at: nationals.com/ourpark Get over it DC.. Phillies fans are going to continue to invade your park. From the article: "Frankly, I was tired of seeing it," Nats COO Andy Feffer told me this week. "Forget you, Philly. This is our park, this is our town, these are our fans, and it’s our time right now." Which is why, starting Friday morning at 8 a.m., the club will begin selling single-game tickets for just a single weekend series: May 4-6, against the Phillies. These tickets will remain on sale for a full month before the rest of single-game tickets go on sale. And they’ll be available only to buyers with a credit card tied to an address in Maryland, the District or Virginia. "We’ve heard it enough, we’ve seen it enough, and I don’t like it any more than anyone else," Feffer said. "We’re trying to build a team here, and nothing irks me personally or the people here more than to see another team’s fans — particularly Philly fans — in our ballpark, holding up signs. That’s not the way it should be. And I think we’ve got an opportunity here to do something different."

Nationals Catcher Wilson Ramos Kidnapped in Venezuela


I know this isn't Yankees related but this is a baseball player and a human being whose life is at real danger. It would be tragic if such a talented player's life is taken prematurely, so hopefully he is returned safely.

Major League Lacrosse Playoff Preview: Hamilton Nationals


The Hamilton Nationals have made the playoffs in their first season in Hamilton, but just by the skin of their teeth. Their last week win over the Long Island Lizards ensured a playoff spot and...

Losston Cannons


Well, Boston had another chance to clinch a playoff spot and they failed. As of right now, I would say that their best shot is for Denver and Chesapeake to continue losing and to wait for the...

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