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Ryan Zimmerman, Nationals Agree On 1-Year Deal...

MLB.com's Bill Ladson has the story, in an article entitled, "Nats' Zimmerman avoids arbitration." Ryan Zimmerman, The Face of the Washington franchise, signed a 1-year/$3.325M dollar deal. Zimmerman was seeking $3.9M while the Nationals were offering $2.65/$2.75/ or $2.56 depending on where you're reading(they're just facts)... Zimmerman avoids arbitration. Stephen Strasburg pitches the first game of his draft year. I'm trying to find some way of tracking Strasburg tonight, check back this evening for more...

Washington Nationals: Spring Training 2009: Ryan Zimmerman vs The Washington Nationals...Bottom Of the 9th For Negotiations Before Arbitration.


Ryan Zimmerman still hasn't signed with the Washington Nationals, so it might be arbitration tomorrow. SMILEYGATE gets weirder, and Elijah Dukes is already standing out this Spring.

Josh Willingham, Nationals Agree On $2.95M, Avoiding Arbitration...Uh, Zimmerman, Please?

ROSCOEtheNATSfan just saw this MLB.com Bill Ladson story entitled, "Willingham, Nats avoid arbitration", and linked to it in our Comments section, the link above is to the Nationals' Official Site. Now, how about getting Ryan Zimmerman inked? Huh? - thanks, Roscoe...

The Washington Nationals vs Ryan Zimmerman: The Arbitration Argument.


The Washington Nationals and Ryan Zimmerman might be forced to go to arbitration Friday if they can't agree on a contract...today...at least Zimmerman will be on the field soon either way...

Shawn Hill Wins Arbitration Case, $775,000 For '09.


The New Math... (1-5) + 5.83 = 775,000 MLB.com's Alden Gonzalez is reporting, in an article entitled, "Hill Awarded $775,000 in arbitration", that Shawn Hill prevailed in his arbitration case with the Washington Nationals, who had offered Hill half a million dollars for next season. Now to be fair, Shawn Hill's being paid for a career's worth of work, not just last season's injury-filled campaign, and if healthy, (an "if" of Nick Johnsonesque proportions), Hill's an effective sinking-fastballer, who is (36-29) with a 3.10 ERA in 97 Minor League starts, but he's never made more than 16 starts in a Major League season, and he's just (7-15) with a career 4.93 ERA in 37 starts with the Expos/Nationals. What role he'll fill on the Nationals' roster this season is thus far undecided...

The Washington Nationals And The MLB Hot Stove...Week-Ending Edition...


With the MLB Hot Stove once again heating up we take a look back at what the Washington Nationals have been able to accomplish this offseason, and what might still be in store before Opening Day...

Can Adam Dunn And The Washington Nationals Just Accept Each Other Already, I'm Tired Of Dreading It...


The Washington Nationals welcome a new president, President Barack Obama, to the nation's capital with a winter update of Nationals news. Someone fit that man with a curly-w cap...

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