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Lucky Radley to Leave Utah to Walk on at SDSU

Fan favorite Utah running back Lucky Radley has decided to leave Utah and walk on at San Diego State.


Reviewing the Mountain West Basketball Tournament

Check out the Stadium Journey review I did of the basketball tournament at Thomas and Mack! And make sure that if you go next year to use it as sort of a guide on what and what not to do. Even...

Blog: San Diego St. leaning towards Big East


The silence coming from Montezuma Mesa is deafening but reading the tea leaves (or blogs in the case) is giving an indication of what will happen with the current intrigue surrounding the San Diego...

Big East Conference Membership Announcement


The Big East will hold a live teleconference at 5:00 PM Eastern to announce that Houston, Southern Methodist, Central Florida, San Diego State, and Boise State will join the Big East Conference for 2013. Click the above link to be transported to hear Commissioner John Marinatto to announce it live.

SBNation BlogPoll Week 8 Ballot


Here's the Purple Wimple ballot to the SBNation BlogPoll for this week. Remember, I'm resume-polling, according to the Three Rules below. The Purple Wimple Ballot - Week 8 Rank Team Delta ...

The Mountain West/WAC and the BCS.


This line of thought is getting pretty damn ridiculous. It comes up every few months. Some blowhard spouts out off abut how the Mountain West is more deserving of a BCS bid than the Big East and/or...

Aztecs use strong second half to handle Cowboys


Kawhi Leonard and the San Diego State Aztecs avenged themselves tonight with a 88-57 victory over the Wyoming Cowboys. This was very close game in the first half as the Cowboys showed up ready to...

Strictly Come Dancing: San Diego State, Mountain West


Not to be confused with the University of San Diego or UC-San Diego, San Diego State has been to the Mountain West title game each of the last three years, but this is the first of those times that...

MGoBlog ready to "disappear" again....


Immediately following the 2007 loss to Appalachian State, the most prominent Michigan blog, MGoBlog did the right thing and they took their lumps like men. Oh, wait.....no they didnt. They shut...

Mike Martz to San Diego State?


Well it looks that there is at least some interest in Martz heading to the college ranks. The San Diego Union Tribune has said But because SDSU is demanding its search be conducted in secrecy,...

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