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Strasburg Won't Sign With Washington Nationals? Rumors Flying...


Let's see how long it takes for this one to be refuted by the Nationals... MASNSports.com's Pete McElroy is reporting, in an article entitled, "Nats Won't Sign Strasburg", that ESPN.com's Pedro Gomez is citing: "...a source close to the negotiations, said the Nationals have had ongoing dialog with Strasburg's advisor Scott Boras, but they have made no offer other than the mandatory minor league tender that all clubs must make to their picks within 10 days of the draft. That is a standard minor league deal that pays the player $1,000 per month but does not include any bonus money." Mr. McElroy and the entirety of the remaining DC Faithful are awaiting an official response... (ed. note - "Thanks to federal baseball reader vanatsfan, who found the original MASN article and this one from ESPN.com): ESPN.com News Services, "Source: Nats, Strasburg not close."

It's Not Manny Acta's Fault, Does That Matter?


FOXSports.com's Ken Rosenthal is reporting, in an article entitled, "Sources: Acta out as Nats' skip soon, Riggleman in", that according to his "major league sources": "Manny Acta's time as manager of the Washington Nationals is just about over..." More info when it's available...

Lastings Milledge Optioned To Triple-A Syracuse...Seriously?


There's news/rumors making the rounds of the Natosphere that Lastings Milledge has been optioned to Triple-A Syracuse, no official announcement at the Nationals' Official Site or the Washington Post, but it's out there already...

Meet The "Press": The Washington Nationals Talk To The Internet...


I was unable to join in on the teleconference the Washington Nationals had with the non-traditional media this morning, though the Nationals were kind enough to provide me the opportunity to do so had I been available...but since I wasn't I asked Dave from the Nats News Network if he'd mind me just linking to his report on the phone interview with team President Stan Kasten, Ryan Zimmerman, Adam Dunn, Joe Beimel and Manager Manny Acta, and he was kindly willing to allow me to do so... Nationals News Network's Dave Nichols' article entitled, "Quasi-Transcript of Nats Media Availability Day".

Federal Baseball.com Featured On The Good Point.


I contributed quotes to an article by Eric Rosenhek, a writer at The Good Point.com for an article entitled, "The Washington Nationals: Five Years Later", and Mr. Rosenhek just published it this morning.

Federal Baseball.com NL East Preview With Macho Row...


In my never-ending attempt to get (somewhat) positive news about the Washington Nationals out there, I conducted an interview with Kevin McGuire from a Philadelphia Phillies blog called, Macho Row...Let me know what you think...(ed. note - "And thanks again, Kevin.")

Who's Going To See The Washington Nationals On Opening Day In Nationals Park?


I logged on at 8:59 am and by 9:03 am EST I knew where I'd be sitting on Opening Day in DC against the Phillies...Section 116U, Row MM...Nice!! (ed. note - "For the first two games I'm in 116, for third game against Philly I want in the Red Lounge!!") Well Done, Nationals! Anyone have problems getting tickets? Already a Season Ticket holder? Did you get your Opening Day tickets? Where are you sitting? Please buy tickets so the Park isn't full of Phillies' fans? Who's going to Opening Day? See You There!! I'll buy you a beer!!(Offer only valid to the first 5 people I see!")

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