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Pardon The Blunt Assessment: Tony Kornheiser On The Washington Nationals.


Tony Kornheiser unloaded on the Washington Nationals yesterday in an interview with the Washington Post, and it's hard to argue with his assessment.

Is The Washington Nationals' Injury Bug Back?


Shawn Hill's injury, Jesus Flores' injury, Wily Mo Pena's injury, are the Washington Nationals headed for a second-straight injury-filled campaign?

Spring Training: Game 8 Game Thread: Washington Nationals at Detroit Tigers


Washington Nationals' prospect Jordan "Double NN" Zimmermann might not be a prospect for much longer, as he fights for the fifth spot in the DC rotation this Spring...PLUS...(Did you say live...

"I've Become A Distraction." - Jim Bowden Resigns As The Washington Nationals' GM.


Washington Nationals' GM Jim Bowden resigns. This is how it happened...

Spring Training: Game 5 Game Thread: Washington Nationals vs Baltimore Orioles.


A loss to the Cardinals with Washington Nationals' starter Daniel Cabrera struggling...Scott Olsen's first start of the Spring, and a GM in limbo, or maybe just home or out on a Saturday...? It's...

Washington Nationals: Spring Training 2009: Will Odalis Perez Show Up In Florida?


Odalis Perez signed a contract with the Washington Nationals and then decided he was worth more than he signed for, so he's holding out and about to get himself in some legal trouble...

Washington Nationals: Spring Training 2009: Odalis Perez and The Case Of The Missing Lefty...


With Spring Training underway, Washington Nationals' pitcher Odalis Perez refusing to report, Pedro Martinez still unsigned, and the Mets lamenting having lost Jesus Flores, it's going to be an...

What Happened To The Washington Nationals While Everyone Was Talking About Adam Dunn...


While everyone was talking about the Washington Nationals signing Adam Dunn yesterday, we were getting prepared for Spring Training...

The Washington Nationals And The MLB Hot Stove: "Say It Ain't So, Collin Balester?"


Does Adam Dunn want to play for the Washington Nationals in 2009? No one really knows, but some people think they do...And, Why Would Collin Balester do that?

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