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The Mangy Habits of Michael Morse

His beastliness has boasted a bodaciously full-bodied HR/FB of just over 19.2% since the start of the 2009 season. This season (small sample size warning) we see no reason that his overall...

Lastings Milledge an ALL STAR!


Vote early, vote often for L-Millz and only L-Millz in the outfield

Keith Law's Top 100 Prospects: Nats Conspicuously Absent


Keith Law of ESPN.com ranks the Washington Nationals prospects.

Own A Piece Of Ryan Zimmerman-Related NY Mets' History...


A Mets' fan friend of mine sent me this link to a DC/NYM Game Used Line-Up Card from 5/14/08 that just so happens to be from the game in which Ryan Zimmerman hit his 50th MLB HR. It will also serve to remind you of some Nationals from the past like, Felipe "FLop" Lopez, "The Mack" Rob Mackowiak, "BOOONNE!" Aaron Boone, "The Tallest Pitcher in MLB History" Jon Rauch, Luis "Set-Up" Ayala, and Wily Mo "WMP" Pena...(ed. note "What? WMP is still on the team...uh, sorry!")

Why Should Mark Teixeira Sign With The Washington Nationals? State Your Case For Tex...


With the news that the Los Angeles Angels have pulled their offer to free agent first baseman Mark Teixeira off of the table, as reported by MLB.com writer Lyle Spencer in an article entitled, "Angels pull out of Teixeira chase", and confirmed by several sources, including ESPN.com's Jerry Crasnick, and LA Times' writer Mike DiGiovanna. (ed. note - "I bet LA says they're still in it tomorrow...")...and with the Washington Nationals still on an ever-dwindling list of teams that have offers on the table for Teixeira, along with the Red Sox, Orioles and Yankees...Should the Nationals just scream, "10-years/$200M!" and send everyone else packing??? Why should Mark Teixeira sign with Washington? State your case...in a FANPOST, which i'll promote to the front page, or here in the Comments section...Who knows, maybe he'll google himself and find someone's argument for the District persuasive...Or, alternately, let the Nationals know why they should back out now before it's too late...There are only three days left until Teixeira's own stated deadline for signing...Let him know what you think!

Is "The Loose Cannon" Jim Bowden About To Pull A Fast One For The Washington Nationals And Bring Mark Teixeira To DC?


Red Sox' owner John Henry says that the Red Sox have been outbid and the baseball explodes in speculation as to who might have outspent Boston? Could it be? No?....Could it?

A Day In The Life Of A Last Place Team's Fan: Washington Nationals/Mark Teixeira Edition


A fan of the Washington Nationals waits to see if the Washington Nationals are going to actually sign prize free agent Mark Teixeira, and federalbaseball.com tracks down the rumors as we wait for...

The Washington Nationals Make An Offer To Mark Teixeira...Seriously!


The Washington Nationals are ready to spend like the big teams all of a sudden, and it's caught nearly everyone by surprise. The Nationals make an offer to Teixeira.

Winter Meetings, Winter Leagues...Washington Nationals' Rumor Mill.


The Hot Stove talk gets underway with the beginning of the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas, and federalbaseball.com has our ear pressed to the XM speakers for any possible news...

This Day in Washington Baseball History...


(The Continuing Attempt To Educate A Montreal Fan About DC Baseball History...) Dennis Higgins, (a cousin of current White Sox' third baseman Joe Crede), pitched two seasons for the Washington...

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